Save The Earth, Save The People

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Imagine living in a world that has grown too big to live on lavishly. There are too many people on the earth, hurting the environment and slowly but surely killing the little time that we have left on the planet. Even though there are many things that we can do to prolong our time on this fine planet, people just aren’t willing to put any effort into doing them. A growing global population places increased pressure on people and the environment, and as the world develops, humanity places greater value on both life and the earth that we all share. Together, we can protect the environment and the people living in it.

When thinking about the environment, there is one important element that always comes to mind. Oxygen, one word, one element that is always needed but is never seen. One of the many things that supply us with oxygen is the tree. We all learned about the trees and photosynthesis in science class, even though we know how important the trees are, some people tend to forget. For example, in an article titled “Deforestation effects on soil physical and chemical properties, Lordegan, Iran”, there was discussion of the “rapid population growth in the Zagrous area of Iran” (Deforestation effects on soil physical and chemical properties, Lordegan, Iran). This population increase meant that the people living there had to find more room for farmlands so that they could have lands to grow more food. In order to get more space, the Iranians living there decided to cut down entire forests. The result was a destruction of natural ecosystems and a loss in the quality of the soil for the needed crops (Deforestation effects on soil physical and chemical properties, Lordegan, Iran). Although the discussed Iranians did indeed need these farmlands to survive, there was probably another way for them to get them.

Air pollution is somewhat of a silent killer. Many people walk around “smelling the fresh air” not realizing that this so-called “fresh air” is actually killing them slowly. In an titled “Lung Cancer, Cardiopulmonary Mortality, and Long-term Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution”, the above listed doctors discussed the relationship between air pollution and the effects it has on people’s health. In the article, the American Cancer Society did a study, titled “Cancer Prevention II”, which was an ongoing prospective mortality study that used approximately 1.2 million adults in 1982. Each participant completed a questionnaire, which detailed his or her individual risk factor data (Lung Cancer, Cardiopulmonary Mortality, and Long-term Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution). The risk factor data that was collected was then put with the air pollution data for United States metropolitan areas and then put with vital status and cause of death data through December 31, 1998. As stated in the article, the results were “Fine particulate and sulfur oxide–related pollution were associated with all-cause, lung cancer, and...

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