Save The Environment Use Low Carbon Fuel!

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In reality the fuel used by everyone today is made from corn and we could pkant corn forever but eventually it will cause land exhaustion, making it harder to grow ant crop at all. This not only increases the process of fuel making but it also increases the price range. Low- Carbon fuel helps save more money because it is just taken and recyled like paper plates or plastic water bottles. The US government has mainly rellied on corn for its biofuel, which in return can only harm and damage the local environment. Some people might ask is it the governments fault or is science to be blamed for this lack of knowledge on gaining a low- carbon fuel? Science is not be blamed because since the ...view middle of the document...

Once water and fuel mix it is very hard to separate them because they are both liquid and the ocean covers the earth so bits of fuel can travel and cause its destruction on evry winding path.
The reusable fuel can protect the atmosphere of the earth by creating less and less pollution. Pollution is caused through the burning of fossil fuels and the excess of carbon monoxide in the air. Biofuels is like a identical replacement word for fossil fuels but in reality it does basically the same thing, just more unhealthy chemicals to the environment. In an article, Doggett states, "the next-generation ethanol industry is far from the commercial success envisioned by pesident George W. Bush pledging "practical and competitive" by 2012"(Doggett). Now people may say the US has plenty of fuel to keep it running strong and fast but not most people say if there is more fuel that means more pollution and more danger. The chemicals released after a physical change or a chemical change does not matter because they all go back into the atmospher.
Some scientists believe that Low-Carbon Fuel is useless because of the time wasted on trying to discover and stabalize it and the amount of money cost into researching about it. Many have tried to stabalize the reusable fuel to help the economy but they end up using most of their money, savings and/or checking, to pay for the equipment used for the minority parts of the lab. According to Doggett, " years of researching, testing and some hype. it will take more than five years to analyze this more carefully"(Doggett). This only proves...

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