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Save The Puppies From The Puppy Mills

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So you want to adopt a puppy? Well there are two main places that your puppy could have been born. First, your puppy could have been born at a puppy mill. This is an inhumane, mass breeding location that can be very detrimental to your new pet. Another location that your puppy could have been born at is a breeder. This is a more humane location for your puppy to have been born. When adopting a puppy you should avoid going to a pet store because most pet stores receive their puppies from puppy mills; inhumane and overpopulated puppy breeding places.
Puppies who come from mills are not all bad. Since mills are most common, it is important for you to know what may have happened to your puppy in the event that they were born in a mill. Some common things that need attention when it comes to puppy mills include inhumanity, mass breeding, illnesses, and developmental issues. Each of these things affects puppies in a different way.
First, puppy mills are inhumane. According to the video “Puppies Are Not Toys,” puppy mill dogs are like plush dog toys. They are “manufactured with others” meaning that they are basically mass-produced like the plush toys and when they receive no attention they become like the toy that nobody wanted to buy.
They have horrible conditions. George Cima discusses in his article about the increased scrutiny that federal laws will have on puppy mills that “federal regulations are currently set with specific requirements that must be adhered to by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service” (par. 10). Some of the inhumane features of the puppy mills include that the puppies are housed in small, wire cages, more fearful through life due to the lack of early human interaction (Peters 5), and when there is no human contact made with the puppies, it can cause post-traumatic behavior in the animals (Peters 3).
A second horrible feature about puppy mills is that they are overpopulated. They are mass bred in warehouses. They are bred in warehouses because there is a lot of space for all the small cages that dogs are put into. According to the ASPCA, the female dogs are bred every time that they are in heat and once they cannot be bred anymore, they are killed. Pamela Sacks has also researched the same things that the ASPCA has and she additionally found out that mill dogs are bred consistently until they can no longer be bred, then they are killed (par.4). Puppy mills breed up to 70+ breeds of dogs at any given time (Dionne 7). A common thought that I had was that puppy mills do not breed purebred dogs. According to Dionne, mills breed both purebred and mix breed dogs (7). A mix breed dog would be one that is a combination of two or more breeds. For example, a goldendoodle is a mix breed dog. It is a combination of a golden retriever and a poodle. A purebred dog is one that has two parents of the same breed. For example, my dog is a Yorkshire Terrier, a purebred. Both of his parents were...

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