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Save Tomorrow's Youth Today Essay

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Students staying out late on weekends is a huge issue, how can we fix this?

Several teens tend to get into a lot of trouble by going out to parties and getting

drunk, they try to drive home but end up killing someone else or their own self.

We can fix this problem with giving the students freedom, making this problem

illegal for students to be out later than 10p.m., and we can decide what will be

best beneficial for everyone.

First, giving freedom to students, let them stay out after 10p.m. and see what

the outcomes are. Will they end up in jail, drunk, or even dead? Many teens would

love to be able to stay out late without getting stopped by a policeman or getting

caught by their parents sneaking in. If the students are able to go out and leave,

and do what they want, maybe they will get tired of getting put in jail. Maybe they

will see that this life of drinking, partying, and even killing friends in car accidents

while drinking and driving is not worth it. There are some however, who would

disagree. Some students who are good kids may never get out of the house and

have some fun in heir lives, everyone deserves to have fun.

Second, we could test this theory of making it illegal for students to be out

later than 10 'o' clock at night. This could straighten out tomorrow's youth today.

This decision can save several lives because students aren't going out and getting

drunk, they aren't going out and acting crazy with people who love trouble. Think

about it, a world where teens never got put in jail, never get other students in

trouble, and they never would be able to kill another friend in a car accident

again. Showing people that this is the right decision for everyone could start

something bigger than we have ever imagined. Other towns and states could

make this illegal and everyone will be much safer than the world we live in today.


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