Save Your Wallet And The Environment And Stop Buying Bottled Water!

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Save Your Wallet and the Environment and Stop Buying Bottled Water!Many years ago bottled water did not exist. Water would come cleanly, quickly, and reliably from the tap. Now around thirty million bottles of water are consumed every year for, in some cases, overly expensive tap water that is harming the environment. Many cities have addressed this issue by banning consumers from access to bottled water and schools should do the same. Bottled water is expensive tap water that is harmful to the environment.Bottled water is unbelievably expensive and uses up natural resources that could be put to better use. "Goodbye Bottled Water," by Gail Hennessey, stated that, "'1.5 million barrels of petroleum are used to produce plastic water bottles in the United States every year. That's enough to supply 250,000 homes with electricity for a year or 100,000 cars with gasoline for a year,' said Thornson." That much natural resources can be put to much better use. Additionally, bottled water is expensive. As Janet Larsen from the Earth Policy Institute states in "Is Bottled Water a Good Idea?" published by Upfront Magazine, "Corporations made close to $12 billion in revenue on U.S. bottled water sales in 2012." 12 billion dollars is a lot of money. It could be put to much better use by improving public water sources like water fountains for free tap water instead of bottled water.Recently, bottled water companies unveiled that their bottled water is really just tap water in a bottle. For example, CNN announced in "Most Bottled Water is Tap" that over 25% of bottled water is just tap water including popular brands like Aquafina and Dasani. If you take into consideration...

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