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Saving Endangered Wildlife Essay

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When a species is endangered, how are they going to be saved? People, from all over the country, work together and perform tasks to help wildlife. Endangered means a species is close to extinction, and it is up to humanity to make the efforts needed to save wildlife from this tragedy. All it takes is a simple gesture in the right direction, like focusing on special rights that protect animals from being nonexistent. Many efforts have been made to protect endangered wildlife, such as, the Endangered Species Act, restoring habitats, and reducing wildlife threats.
The purpose of the Endangered Species Act is to help imperiled species and the ecosystems in which they live. It is administered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Marine Fisheries Service. That means, that the Endangered Species Act has primary responsibility for terrestrial and freshwater organisms, as well as all land animals. This law protects the rights of wildlife, so it assures the protection from poaching, and all forms of hunting. Also, for the purposes of the Act, Congress defined species to include subspecies, and different varieties (Endangered).
Benefits of the Endangered Species Act include, the protection of wildlife and critical habitats, as well as other bonuses. It creates jobs for wildlife dependent communities and the communities that support and sponsor the Act, by exposing ecosystems to new natural resources.
Another benefit is that it protects plants and animals that could cause fatal diseases. Also, one of the main benefits is that each year, the entire organization produces large amounts of money in certain areas of service. For example, in 2012, the law produced forty-six billion dollars in service benefits. Finally, by setting awareness of pollution, it provides clean water and air, and prevents erosion (Benefits).
Other efforts being made, are those which restore habitats. For instance, the Cape Island restoration. The New Jersey Audubon Society initiated the Cape Island Restoration Task Force to control invasive plants and improve wildlife habitats. This was set to improve by surveying, managing, and monitoring the ecosystems throughout Cape Island. It was important for Cape Island to be restored, because the island is well known to be a special bird area where they stop during Spring and Fall migration (Tasks).
Tribe of Heart is a program that aims to spark a change and support the right to protect all animals and their habitats, into a transition to a more informed and compassionate way of life. They create life changing documentary films with the power to form dramatic changes in wildlife awareness. Plus, they distribute the films as widely as possible by making them more affordable. Every time a film is in the process of creation, the filmmakers do as much advertising for the documentaries, as they would for a big screen show. Lastly, Tribe of Heart provides support services, and outreach programs for...

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