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The flashing yellow lights turned a glaring red, signaling me to an abrupt halt a short distance away from the Pembroke Pines Fire Department. Somewhere, there was a fire or some other emergency, and the firefighters were preparing to leave. I desperately wanted to beat the rush hour traffic home, but my frustration took a back seat to the thought of the lives that could possibly be hanging in the balance, waiting for the speedy arrival of these brave men and women. Men and women, who had committed to the task of saving lives under the most dangerous of circumstances. As I sat waiting, I caught a glimpse of the last firefighter coming down the pole, frantically running to catch hold of the near departing fire truck. Soon the red truck zoomed by and I was released to continue my race against rush hour. As I pulled away from the fire station my thoughts went to my own career and how much, as a lawyer, I also want to have the same passion, drive and commitment that I saw reflected on the face of that last fire fighter. After all, in some way, I also would be saving lives.
Every area of our lives is governed by the law and sometimes, having a committed advocate on your side, one who will represent you with passion and well-directed drive, can literally mean the difference between life and death. We have all heard the stories about lawyers who worked tirelessly and against odds to have their wrongfully accused clients released from death row. We hear less, however, about the lawyer who works tirelessly and against odds to help his or her client access healthcare benefits and life-sustaining medication that can mean the difference between life and death. And we also hear less about the lawyer who works with zeal to help his or her client understand a contract and secure a better deal, so that the client’s business can stay alive and the client’s creativity can thrive. This, in turn, secures the client’s economic survival and contributes to a better quality of life. Whether for helping an inmate win a death row pardon or for helping an indigent person secure medical benefits, I want to be that lawyer who makes a difference in other people’s lives. Like that firefighter, I know I will be committed, passionate and zealous in the work I do for the people whose lives depend on it.
Being a product of a single parent home I have watched my mother work two jobs, seven days a week, from early morning until night, while still struggling to make ends meet. Still, my mother never complained, and always found the time to instill in me, the values of...

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