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Saving Lives In The Toughest Sport On Dirt

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“Being strapped on the back of a thousand pound bull sure isn’t easy, but boy is it fun”, fourteen year old amateur bull rider, Cullen Wise, shares his opinion of the sport he enjoys mostly every weekend. Unlike many of the riders he competes with, Cullen’s parents require him to wear all the protective gear available to bull riders: Kevlar vest, Chaps, a leather glove, a mouthpiece, and a helmet. While wearing the available protective gear may seem like an obvious and safe thing to do, many of the bull riders around the world tend to ignore the fact that wearing a helmet can save their lives in an instant. While many rodeo organizations require protective gear, very few require the use of a ...view middle of the document...

The cowboys aren’t required to wear a helmet so they don’t; it’s as simple as that. Some cowboys say that if it isn’t required, then it can’t help me that much. J. B. Mauney, 2013 Professional Bull Riding World Champion, gave his response in an interview about his reasoning in not wearing a helmet, “That helmet made me feel like I couldn't control my head as good, and as soon as I took it off last year, I went to riding good. I felt a lot better. It went in the garbage. It's not the smartest decision I ever made, but...” (Luscombe, 60). This same statement is echoed at rodeos across the nation. The cowboys say that they cannot ride a bull as well while wearing a helmet. These are also the same cowboys that at every event will be seen dizzily running around the arena after taking a serious blow to the face or head.
If a bull rider were to never get on a bull without a helmet the helmet would not affect their riding. Wearing a helmet from their first bull ride to their last would make it another part of their body. In the State of Texas, rodeo is a very common sport. Most middle and high schools have a rodeo program. On June 19, 2009, a law was passed making it illegal for a person under the age of 18 to ride a bull without a helmet and vest (Health and Safety Code 768). The cowboys who say wearing a helmet isn’t the cowboy way or don’t think it’s that important should take note of those that came before them.
Brent Thurman was a professional bull rider that was competing at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada, when after falling off his bull it stepped on his head. Thurman never regained consciousness after...

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