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In the contemporary time, man is insecure. With the revolutionary advancements in science, man has indirectly created trouble for himself. But, the biggest paradox lies in the fact that man’s intentions were always justified by himself to be noble. It is no secret, mankind has a rich pedigree. It has graced Earth for 2.4 million years, and during this time it’s trait of evolution has remained incessant. It has gone to achieve remarkable feats and has discovered so much; fire: for making nutrition bearable and to bring warmth, medicine: to sustain life, fabrics: to maintain comfort and dignity and lastly, shelter: to ensure security. But, are these not the basic necessities of a human being? Do these not constitute the basic and brilliant landmarks of science? For they show, how science has served man and made his life more comfortable. But, where did it all go wrong? What was the onset of the current crises we are facing? It came with a risk. Vindicating basic needs was not enough, mankind went for luxury. It divided itself into syndicates based on; colour, caste, creed and geographical affiliations. The basic root of the problem is that, every syndicate wants supremacy over the other. The groups are never evil. They just want the best for their land and people. So, they made advancements in various fields; such as defense and telecommunications. Little did they know that these advancements could come back and haunt them. Conventional warfare involved stone made arsenal in it’s humble beginnings. Now with that being outdated, guns are used. But the biggest fear lies in the fact of the use of even more heinous methodologies to attack and defend. That involves Nuclear Warfare! If one individually looks at this entity closely, nuclear weapons came into being for a just cause. Exemplification includes the United States of America’s nuclear weapon programme whose purpose was self defense. After the attack on Pearl Harbor by the State of Japan, the United States of America wanted to send a message to the world that no country can ever do a unilateral strike on it. Although the response was harsh, no country ever attacked the United States of America again. Moreover, one can we can even look at our homeland for a reason to justify having a nuclear arsenal. The nuclear programme of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has the main aim of deterrence. Following the State of India’s Nuclear Test in 1974, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan began work on it’s nuclear program. On May 28, 1998, Pakistan had detonated five nuclear bombs in an underground test named Chagai I, in Balochistan. This assured that the Mutually Assured Destruction Theory (MAD Theory) was now applicable; meaning that no country could ever bomb Pakistan without risking itself to be bombed as retaliation. But like all theories, this theory just needs the slightest of exceptions to fail. Man is notorious for not being predictable. There is no need to imagine the repercussions of a nuclear...

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