Saving Matthew Essay

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Chapter One The Ride Home

“So Austin, were you good friends with Andrew?” Chris, the youth pastor at our local church asked me as he drove me home. That night my friends ditched me at the party and my girlfriend stole my truck all because the police showed up. Or that’s at least what Chris told me. I was to drunk to remember anything, except the fact that I was drinking away the pain of losing my best friend Andrew on Tuesday, to his choice of suicide.
“Yes”, I answered. Andrew and I had been friends for as long as I can remember. We had grown up together and we were always there for each other. “Well what happened?” Chris asked. “Well at one of our basketball games, freshman year, I met Amy the cheerleading captain”, I said. “Then I became the big star on the basketball team and I kind of forgot about him. He was made fun of a lot in his freshman year of high school because of the way he walked. But no one really knows why he walks that way, but I do.” “Why? Chris asked.” “One day, during the summer, when we were like six or seven we were outside walking across the street and he saved me from getting hit by a car. “ Wow ya’ll must have been pretty good friends for him to risk his life for you right there on the spot.” Chris stated. “He jumped in front of the car and he took the hit and ever since he has walked with a limp. I guess he had had enough. He was tired of being made fun of and getting shoved around in the hallway. And, maybe suicide gave him this feeling of just letting go. Now I am living with regrets because I didn’t do anything to stop him, and I was standing right there when it happened,” I said frustratingly. “Well, after the last game on Wednesday he came up to me and asked if we could talk, but I was really busy with errands and I had to turn him down. So I am also living with regrets.” Chris said upsettingly.
Now that school has been reopened, things are different now. You can hear people talking about “that kid” and it really bothers me. I can hear people murmur under their breath to their friends “I wonder who that kid was, you now the one that shot himself” or “that kid was crazy, do you know what could have happened if someone else was shot… by mistake?!" And they didn’t even know that he was my childhood best friend when we were kids. He was always there for me and I was always there for him.
“Don’t you live right around the corner?” Chris asked.
“Yeah.” I replied. “Thanks for the ride”.
“You’re welcome. Hey, I was wondering if you were planning on coming back to church again.”
“I guess I could stop by this Sunday”. I said.
“Ok, see ya later.”
“Bye”. I said as I was stepping out of the car.

Chapter 2 Hiding it all underneath
As I walked through the front doors of my house, all I could hear was my mom and dad banging around upstairs, fighting again. My mom was yelling at my dad and my dad was yelling back as he threw clothes into a suitcase. He started to run down the stairs...

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