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Saving Our Planet Essay

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In this era, civilization number one priority should be a way to figure out how to improve our self and our planet. What can we do to save our planet? What are thing that we need to acknowledge? Which are the resources that we are overusing and we can never get them back? Times are getting harder and the climate keeps changing so much that is getting challenging for plants and animals to adapt to it, to a point that they are going to end up being extinct. We are so just to get what we want that we’re overusing our renewable resources in the belief that we can do that forever, without thinking about the consequences of our actions.
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We as humans want to make this a better world but we really don’t have an idea of what better means. Instead of destroying the forest and keep polluting the air we should be taking control helping the forest growth and find a way to decrease pollution. Slowing climate change and helping our world and what is in it. “Using computer models, a group of fifteen investigators from around the world estimated that between 15% and 37% of a sample of 1,103 species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates would be –committed to extinction because of warming temperatures.”-Warming planet, Decreasing Biodiversity. If we don’t do anything and just keep living the way that we are the statistics of the fifteen investigators would end up becoming true.
Energy, climate, food population, economic pressure, anyone of these challenges might be very serious in itself. Government is trying to figure out a way to find a solution for each of these encounters as it happens. Instead of thinking ahead by planning what would it happen and what they can do to help would actually benefit us in a superior way, but because they’re happening all simultaneously it’s going to be much harder for our government to cope...

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