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Saving My Village Essay

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My village is very small. It is surrounded by the Dark Forest. We call it the Dark Forest because of all the evil creatures that have found homes there. On the other side of this forest is where the evil King Cole lives. He is a very wealthy, greedy, cruel man that has everything he could ever want, but never shares anything with our village. He’s been ruling our village for twenty-five years, and lives in a magnificent castle. The castle is a huge stone structure that has four pillars in each corner, and is surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge entering the front.

I’ve known for years that I’ve needed to put a stop to him ruling our village, but I’ve never had the courage until now. The first step is to get the weapons that I will need to conquer the King, and hopefully head into the woods before nightfall. I grabbed my greatest sword, shield and a small bag with some bread to bring on the long journey ahead of me. As I walk up to the edge of the village, the eerie, looming Dark Forest is waiting for me, and I timidly walk in.

Walking through the forest is frightening, I can hear the creatures all around me making hissing and growling noises, but I am unable to see them. As I’m walking, the forest is getting darker and darker by the second. It will soon be completely dark so I know that I have to quickly find a safe place to hide and sleep until the morning. Slowly, I walk off the trail and find an enormous tree with a nice little nook carved out in the large trunk of the tree. This is the perfect place to sleep. After getting settled into my nook, I quickly fall asleep.

I am awakened by the sounds of birds chirping and rays of sun shining through the trees. I know I have a long journey ahead of me, approximately nine miles until I reach the castle. I know that all of the creatures will be sleeping during the day so this is my safest time to travel. Before I start my journey, I eat a small piece of bread, gather my things and...

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