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Saving A Few Bucks By Not Cutting Fine Art Courses And The Long Term Affect It Can Have On A Childs Life

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To what extent does the depletion of performance based curriculum affect the academic success of the younger generation. Institutions around the nation have been forced to execute extreme measures such as getting rid of fine art courses without fully contemplating the long-term effect that it could have on the student. The specific courses directly correlated with a performance-based curriculum include: Music, art, theater, and dance. These academic establishments believe that these courses, when compared with core courses, are less important to the educational success of the student. They conceive that it takes time out of student’s day that could be better used for learning the core curriculum, or having a study hall. School boards around the nation have been pressured with the task of making budgets and stretching the tax dollars to work with tight budgets and the difficult decision of which programs to cut.
The most frequent course to be dropped by school districts is in fact music. What’s lost? The freedom to the endless possibilities of creative and originative ideas of the mind are a few elements that are is lost when musical education courses are taken away from students. Research has proven that learning music as a young child can affect the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. These things carry on with that child for their entire high school career as well as into adulthood. Music education programs can also increase children’s development in comprehension skills. Research shows that “preschoolers who took daily 30 minute group singing lessons and a weekly 10-15 minute private keyboard lesson scored 80 percent higher in object assembly skills than students who did not have the music lessons,” as reported in a 1994 study by Frances Rauscher and Gordon Shaw at the University of California, Irvine.
Music can play a significant part in a child’s life as early as infancy. Statistics from a study done state that “from kindergarten to second grade listening to songs like “marry had a little lamb,” and “twinkle twinkle little star” have been proven to help children better understand things like contestants as well as other letters and short phrases.” I mean, it is no coincidence that the ABCs are sung to the melody of twinkle twinkle little star. This provides a small amount of proof that music helps children better comprehend things because of the way it is memorized. Humming along to a song can help children as well as adults to recall ideas about a certain topic better than having to remember specifics off of the top of their head; which can often get lost.
Courses like theater and dance have been dropped as well at a rapid rate. According to a study done, dance and drama were less commonly taught in elementary schools; “3 percent of elementary schools offered dance Instruction and 4 percent offered drama and theatre instruction in 2009–10. Both of these percentages we re will into the 20...

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