Saving The World By Mark Zadina

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Saving the WorldBy: Mark ZadinaI was born on March 23 of 2009. When I look back in the history files it was a very hard year for everyone. There was a civil war between the east and the west about the demand of electricity. My parents were very kind and gentle and would never fight in the war. They never deserved to die. I remember my Parents used to call me "T" for Thomas, which was my first name. My full name is Thomas S. Amos. My parents never told me about the past they always kept it a secret. I guess they did this to protect me from the evil of the world, but I don't see how it protected me.* Everything started back in 2002. That's when we discovered the magic. It was the worst thing to ever happen to the world. The magic made everyone crazy and power hungry. Average people would have the power to kill with a thought. So after careful consideration by the government they decided to give everybody a little part of the magic. This was a good idea at first but soon people learned that they could mold the magic into anything they wanted it to be. Since I was only 15 and had no friends or family I did not know anything about my magic all I knew is that I could make people say anything I desired.* It was a strange way how we found the magic. An average man named John Tibet's. He was in his garden in the spring of 2002. He was planting a deep growing plant called a Macktight, which is like a watermelon. When he was digging he found a round glowing ball. He said it seemed to be like water but it had a platinum color. Nobody had ever seen anything like that before so we had scientists from Europe come over who specialized in elements. After touching the metallic ball a small like troll came out. It was only about 13 inches tall but had a very strong voice. It had warned the scientists that only bad can come from this ball but nobody listened. The government wanted the power all to them and somehow got into the wrong hands and the power got out into the open world.* I was never told the truth about how my parents died but I know it wasn't from a car accident. I knew it was by the magic and I had to stop people from using and killing people. I had set a goal to end the magic in the world. Since I have no family I vowed I would end the magic to avenge my parents death.So I started off. I knew my magic would come in use but I didn't know how to work it yet. I had my plan set out already. I would meet the troll who first gave us this power and see if he would help me. Then I would have to sneak into the secret government room were they keep the round spherical ball that controls all the magic. Since I lived in New York I would have to find a way to get to Washington D.C. I got on bus and left. I was sleeping on the way there when all of a sudden something touched my arm. I was surprised to see the troll. We met and I found out his name was JoJo. JoJo was a small green troll with a long pointy nose but very kind. Him and I talked about what I wanted to do...

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