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Saving The Environment: Future Model Of Transportation

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From the beginning automobiles have run from various different fuel systems, from steam to the current fossil fuel. As we begin to move towards a more environmentally friendly society, you begin to wonder what will the future hold for the future of transportation. In order to get from point A to point B, typically you need to drive a automobile, “60% if the US transportation emission come from cars and light trucks,”(Union of Concerned Scientist, 2014). Fossil fuel is used to produce the gasoline which powers automobiles in the United States; it is leading form of power supply for transportation. However, there are adverse side effects to the use of fossil fuel, such as global warming, environmental and air pollution. With concerns of growing populations and the concern for the environment has caused vast research into looking for other alternative to power automobiles. Some of those research topics have included the use of electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism in the use of power supply for modes of transportation. Throughout the paper and with discussion of electricity and magnetism, we will learn how there are many different way that physics can provide the various alternatives to fossil fuel systems for transportation.
To begin, it is important for use to have an understanding of electricity and magnetism. Electricity is defined as “a fundamental form of energy observable in a positive and negative form that occurs naturally or is produced. It is expressed in terms of movement and interaction of electrons,” (Merriam-Webester, 2014). When we think of the interaction of electrons, we must think in terms of electric charge, electric field and electric current. Electric charge is summarized as the charge of an electron and proton within an electric field, the electrical current is the movement of electron within an electric field (Young, 2012). Electricity not only plays a part in the future of automobiles but it has a high impact in our everyday lives to providing energy for computer to powering our homes. Magnetism has a product of north and south poles, like poles with repel one another and opposite poles will attract (Young, 2012). Electricity and magnetism will often go hand and hand with one another, to something such as the electromagnet, “where magnetic effects are produced by an electric current,” (Young, 2012). This helps to form a source of energy that can be useful to help power the models of transportation that we will look at throughout the discussion of how we can provide safer models of transportation.
The first mode of transportation is looking at the hybrid vehicles that are in use today. Toyota was one of the first companies to present a hybrid vehicle with the introduction of the Toyota Prius in 1999. Hybrid vehicles like the Toyota Prius have essentially two separate engines, an electric engine and an internal combustion engine that are used in conjunction to operate the car. The internal combustion...

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