Saving The Wind People Essay

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“Bird I think it’s about time you earned your name.” Bird’s mother had mentioned to him only yesterday. The words echoed in his mind like the beat of the Indian drums echo through the sky. In the Wind Tribe in order to earn your name; you must do something to help the tribe. Bird has talked to his chief, Big Cloud, but all he said was to do something helpful. Big Cloud was an old man, and soon his son, Deer’stail would take his place. All Bird wanted to do was earn his name before his chief passed on. He wanted to prove himself to him, before the end.

Bird couldn’t sleep at all that night. He was too busy trying to think of ways to earn his name. All of a sudden, out loud he yelled, “I got it!” He almost woke everyone in the large longhouse he lived in. He got out of his bed, and ran outside to the woods. It was dawn; the morning hunters would soon be up and ready to hunt. Bird was racing through the woods looking for a new water source.

“I see something!” A hunter yells. Bird was too concentrated on finding water to hear the hunter’s deep voice. Swish! An arrow just misses his head. He sees a spear heading straight for him. He jumps out of the way just in time to be hit in the foot by another spear.

Bird screeches, like a baby bird begging for food. The spear had cut deep into his foot. The hunting group rushed over to their "prey” only to realize it was Bird. The strong men dropped their spears and arrows, and carefully picked up Bird. The slow, long walk through the forest was hard and painful for Bird. It felt like a million miles to Bird. Once they finally got back to camp, the men carried him to Leafmint’s tent. Bird had never been in the wise healer’s tent before. He was always very careful when he was growing up. As men placed him down a sharp, acute pain shot up his leg, as fast as lightning would strike across the deep blue sky. Leafmint was all ready mixing herbs and pulps together for Bird. Bird was sure he was going to get a very stern talk from his chief, once he was healed.

At last he is free from Leafmint’s tent! While he was there he decided he would earn his name by helping Leafmint. In the distance Bird could hear the beat of drums, not the drums of the Wind people, but the drums of another tribe, War Drums. Only the Indians of the Wind people that had earned their names went out to battle, including Bigcloud. Soon they would be going to battle, and Leafmint will need more herbs and assistance, that’s where Bird comes in.

It was night time for the Wind tribe, but nobody was asleep. There were battle cries from the north hunting field; the people of the Wind were at war with one of the "moving tribes”

“AAHHHHH!” There was aloud screech from one of the Indian warriors. This screech was not a battle cry, but a screech of pain and resentment. All of a sudden the battle field was quiet. The moving tribe retreated and the Indian warriors were slowly walking back from the battle field carrying the wounded warrior...

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