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Saving Your Culture In America Essay

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Saving Your Culture in America

Many people come to the United States for freedom and to live out the American dream.What is happening is many people are trying to “fit” in with the American ways that they lose a lot of their own culture by assimilating into the American society.By losing your culture you lose a part of yourself.Knowing about your history and learning about other people’s history can give you a greater understanding of other ethnic groups and in some ways enrich your life.By preserving your culture and learning about others, it will help you to understand people better.If more people did this communication would be better between the vast ethnic groups.And by learning all of this you learn a lot about yourself and who you are.

My cultural background has helped me to understand who I am and how I am different in my own unique way because of my ethnicity.Both of my parents immigrated to the United States in the 70’s from the Philippines.My mother grew up in a well to do family where she was the youngest of seven children, while my fathergrew up in a middle class family where he was the second oldest of eight.They both lived comfortable lives with their respective families and wet to good schools where they were educated well and taught the English language.

In the 70s my father came to the states with his family and they settled in Chicago, while my mother came to the U.S. with her sisters and they settled in Michigan.My father came to Michigan to visit relatives often and on one such occasion he met my mother.They fell in love and got married all in the span of a few months.After they were married they decided together to live in Chicago but they often commuted from Chicago to Michigan to visit my mother’s family, which she is extremely close to.While living in Chicago my oldest sister was born.She was the first child born and the first grandchild/niece to my father’s family.On one of my parents many trips to Michigan my other sister was born.Because they visited Michigan so much they eventually just decided to move permanently to be closer to my mother’s side.And this is where my brother and I were born.

Growing up, my parents instilled many good values into us and they preserved their heritage very well and they taught us about the culture.I was raised in a traditional Catholic house and we went to church every Sunday and on all the major holidays like Easter and Christmas to name a few.We observed all of the Catholic holidays usually by having a party with my extended family at someone’s house.Holiday’s and birthday’s were always so much fun in my family because it was just an excuse to get together because we only really saw each other unless there was a party.Like many Asian families we ate a lot of rice in our house.My mother and father both prepared dishes from the Philippines and sometimes my mother prepared Pakistani dishes that she learned from her father who was from Pakistan. My father was a great cook...

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