Savvy Entrepreneurial Firm Essay

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Savvy Entrepreneurial Firm
Starting a business requires many factors to be successful. The desire to be one’s own boss, pursue one’s own idea or for financial rewards; all must be done with savvy and persistence. Failure should not be an option but a learning process that guides future decisions. We see in the case of the Savvy Entrepreneurial Firm the tenacity and persistence against all odds to survive and be successful because the entrepreneurs were passionate and believed their product would improve the everyday lives of individuals. The analysis of this case attempts to explore the character of individuals and their tenacity to remain firm in their business endeavors.
Harmonix like iRobot launched products with the intent to make the lives of others much easier. Guitar hero sought ways to help non-musicians experience the joy of making music. It took Harmonix ten years to produce a product that would make them successful. Along the way they produced eight other games that were unsuccessful. It was Guitar Hero the ninth game that put them over the top. It took iRobot 11 years to produce a product called the Roomba which is a robotic vacuum cleaner. We are told even the Roomba which took iRobot to the top went through 20 iterations before being acceptable. We are left wondering what would have happened if these companies had given up? However, we bring our attention to the fact that they had tenacity and were willing to succeed against all odds. They were very passionate and enjoyed what they set out to accomplish.
In contrast ProtectMyPhotos the online photo backup service violated the most important reasons why not to attempt a venture. The lack of passion soon turned into boredom. Chris Shaw a co-founder of ProtectMyPhotos quoted “In the end, we realized that our creativity was being crushed by the idea that put us to sleep. My business partner and I came to the realization that what fires us up to come to work every day is the feeling that we can build really cool things that people care about. Sorry but no one is passionate about their backup storage”.
We all start out to be successful; whether in business or in life. Success is a journey. It starts out with a dream. The desire to make something at all cost is paramount in whatever we set out to do. In the game of life, there are players and those who shrink from their God-given abilities. Players charge onto the field with passion, energy and a desire to win (Freiberg, Kevin Jackie). Players are focused and get joy through their contributions. They are counted on to bring their all to the game. They influence culture and passively live with an idea. (Freiberg, Kevin Jackie). The success of an entrepreneur is the ability to carry the ball. They are self motivated, self-directed, and self disciplined. They desire to play whatever role is necessary for the business success. There are no functional boundaries. They approach each tasks with tenacity and desire.
The imagination that...

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