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Say Goodbye To The “Freshman 15”

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As obesity rates increase, the U.S solidifies an example of culturally influenced weight problems and is regarded as one of the fattest nations in the world. College campuses in the U.S. are the perfect example of cultural weight gain. The large number of freshmen gaining the stereotypical “freshman 15” can be explained through poor diet and exercising practices developed in college and the university’s dining options. It is a common concern for approaching college students to gain fifteen pounds while adjusting to school life. A great approach to help illuminate such an issue is to tell students about this health issue that is continuing to thrive. Colleges need to take more actions and include a health and wellness segment to our Univ. 1000 classes in which students will learn what they should eat and what habits to avoid.
Today, innovative college freshmen orientation is a semester long class, for college credit, often mandatory, and thought by faculty and administrators. The course often contains information on academic policies, time management, and academic success. By adding a health and wellness segment to the course, it will help increase students’ knowledge on nutrition and fitness, and deal with the common experience of weight gain during the first year of college. The aim is to have nutrition communication students present a nutrition topic in Univ. 1000 classes during the teaching of the health and wellness component.
The transition from high school to university environment presents many changes in the lives of university freshman students. Unfortunately, students are not leaving home prepared enough for the world of late night pizza and consumption of alcohol that characterizes most students’ college years. Many have argued that "Repeated use of the phrase 'the freshman 15,' even if it is being used just as a catchy, alliterative figure of speech, may give to the perception of being overweight, especially among young women. Regardless of what some ideal specialist may say, the “freshmen 15” is real. It is tough to move from a controlled and routine agenda of consuming and exercising at home to the free world of alternatives at college. Recent studies have shown that college students, on average, gain between 2.5 to 3.5 pounds during their first year of college, the tendency to gain weight is significant and freshmen and their parents should pay attention to prevent “Freshmen 15” (Zagorsky). Although not all first year students will gain weight the concept is...

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