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Say No To Doping! Essay

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Doping in sports has been one of the most discussed issues by the world; either by the free writers or the body of agencies related with sports. The discussion about this kind of issue has started long time ago but it became more controversial and intense when Lance Armstrong, who won the 2002 Tour de France by leaving his nearest rival 7 seconds behind, failed the drug test (Cashmore) . Ellis Cashmore, a professor of culture, media, and sports at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom, through his article, “Making Sense of Sports” , came up with an argument that drug should be allowed in sports. In the article, he effectively countered the argument of some people out there that ...view middle of the document...

There is even a legal performance enhancing aids that is more dangerous than drug. Another example to make my point more credible is about the difference between a bowl of pasta and erythropoietin (EPO). Professional athletes know it requires a high amount of carbohydrate in order for them to stay fit and be at their best condition for next match day. Before the match day, they will be served a meal that is rich with carbohydrate such as a big bowl of pasta or plates of rice. EPO, which is a performance enhancing drug, acts the same way as the pasta or rice does; it provides energy for the athletes. The only difference between the pasta and the EPO is just EPO is taken by athletes only while the pasta is consumed by the common. However, this little difference causes EPO to be banned while pasta is allowed (Mounk) . Here, what I am trying to ask, what is the real indicator used in order to decide whether a particular drug should be legalized or not? If the drug is not common among the people, it does not mean the drug brings harm and should be forbidden and vice versa.
Secondly, drug promises a more competitive match . As being said by Cashmore in his article, we live in the generation that always seeks for the best in human ability and drug seems to be the only way to satisfy the demand (Cashmore) . Sports enthusiasts demand for competitive game in order for them to maintain their support. The assistance from the performance enhancing drug contributes to the best performance from the athletes. For an example, Tyson Gay, who is a former world 100m champion, faced a 2-year ban from joining any tournament because he had a positive test for a banned steroid. He was caught using the drug when he failed the carbon isotype test; one of the advanced drug tests (Drake). Other than him, Asafa Powell, who is one of the Jamaica’s sprinters, also failed the drug test (Williamson) . The absence of these two big names in the 100m game has affected the whole world. The 100m game is no longer favorite among the sports enthusiasts because without these two athletes, the game will be less competitive. If more and more sprinters are about to be banned because of the drug test, it is possible to see there will be no more spectators in the stadium watching this game.
Thirdly , United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) made a clear objection of this idea by claiming that doping is harmful towards the health of athletes. UNESCO believes that doping has...

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