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Say Something Essay

1830 words - 8 pages

You cried in your room not knowing what else you could do it was the only thing you thought you could do.You just had your heart smashed into pieces and you were a wreck. The person you loved just broke up with you a few days and ago and already moved on with his life and just left you behind. You didn't know what to do and you don't even know why he broke up with you all he said was "Its not working out we should break up". That was all no reason why or explanation.

What did you do wrong did you get to close. Did he only want to date you for sex. Did he realize you were just too much work. Did he just want to lead you on then leave out of nowhere. You don't understand why he left you out ...view middle of the document...

They were all texting you asking you where you were, if you are okay and if everything is okay.

You were about to throw your phone then you got a text

From: Makoto

F/n you okay you haven't to school for a week this isn't like you. please tell me if something is wrong!! :(

You looked at the text wondering how he can be such a idiot. Of course something was wrong he must know He dumped me. You couldn't even bear to say his name worried something worse might happen to you.

To: Makoto

Of course something is wrong my whole life was turned upside down.

You had no idea what made you texted him back but maybe they will leave you alone for awhile. You put your phone on your desk then you remembered something. You walked over to your piano you played this song you heard on the radio you can really feel right now.

Makoto POV

"Did he text you guys back" Nagisa said
"No" Rei said
"No I am really worried for him" Gou said
"how about you Makoto and Haru did you get a text back?" Nagisa asked
"No" said Haru
"How about you?" Nagisa asked me
"Ya he did text me back" I said
"What did he say" Gou asked worried
" he said "Of course something is wrong my whole life was turned upside down" " I said
"We should go be there for him Gou" Gou said
"No we shouldn't if he is alone he will be stronger when this is over" Rei said
"How could you be so heartless" Gou yelled at Rei
"everyone calm down F/n needs someone to lean right now he might not become stronger from it but he will be grateful later" I said
"Lets get going" Gou and nagisa said

We all began to walk over to F/n but I couldn't but worry how bad F/n was. I couldn't believe Jaku would just do that to F/n. I even got them to see each other. I wonder if Jaku even liked F/n.

Haru then said"what are you going to do"
"I don't know what you mean Haru" I said
"You love f/n right" he asked
"Of course not" I said
"you shouldn't lie Makoto I notice how you look at him different than anyone else you talk. You even look happier when you are around him"
I was shocked how did he notice how I felt about F/n
"When did you notice Haru" I asked Haru
"I noticed a few months after F/n was hanging around with us" Haru said
"I don't deserve F/n he is prefect he doesn't judge anyone he listen to what they say and then just states his opinion the topic, He smiles to everyone, he gives everyone a high five or a hug and I just broke him by setting him up with Jaku"
"You shouldn't blame yourself you didn't know what Jaku would do. You had no idea that he would break him like this" Haru said
"I just don't deserve anyone like F/n but" I said
"You are right you don't not for hurting him but he needs someone like you someone he can depend on, someone who would never hurt him, someone who would never want him to be sad and someone who would do anything to make him happy." Haru said
"Thank Haru" I said

Time Skip to your house

"is that music" Nagisa asked

we were right in front of F/n's house and music was playing a piano. I know...

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