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Say Yes! Essay

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"Say Yes"

Say Yes

Sum up in about 150 words the points the husband makes in the argument he's having with wife.

This American short story called "Say Yes" was published in the year 1986 and it is set in a house or an apartment somewhere in America. The story probably takes place in the early 80s.

In my opinion the main theme is marriage, which in this story is illustrated in a negative way. It shows how two people suddenly realize that they both have points about each other they knew nothing about and with that they find out that they do not know each other as well as they thought they did. The story also tells us that getting to know another person is a journey that has no ending.

In the beginning of the short story the couple starts to discuss whether white people should marry black people. The man thought it was a bad idea because whites and blacks come from different cultures and that statistics say that most of those marriages break up.

The man in the story appears to me to be a rather sensitive and caring husband. He persistently tries to please his wife (ll. 5-6 for instance) and he makes a great display of showing her how considerate he is (ll. 64-70, esp. ll. 69-70). The fact that he regularly helps her doing the dishes makes him feel valuable and a bit proud, too. For instance he also feels proud when he hears his wife's friend telling her that she is lucky to have such a considerate husband (ll. 3-5). He obviously sees himself as a good and worthy husband but yet he appears to be a weak person who is henpecked by his wife, which he just has not realized. His weakness shows as he easily gets hurt by his wife who knows exactly how to hurt him (ll. 111-117). You could also say that he is self-reproaching as we are told that he feels ashamed and maybe even guilty for letting his wife get him into a fight. He is a very plain man who does not expect much from his partner. He is definitely not a male chauvinist, he takes a large active share in the household (ll. 2-3) and he is glad to do it.

The man and his wife severally see their marriage in very different perspectives. Before the vehement discussion the man has always considered his...

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