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Say Yes To Animal Bill Of Rights

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Animals are not just big fluffy things or small charming things, they are breathing, living, creatures that have been given a life just as humans have. Animals are being beaten and starved everyday, and millions of helpless animals die each year because of heartless owners. Animals should have a Bill of Rights because it not just protects them from starvation or animal testing, but it gives no right to the animals food product companies to mistreat them harmfully. Animals should not have to deal with cruel killing.
People often ask if animals should have rights, and quite simply, the answer is “Yes!” Animals surely deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation. Animals should be given rights simply because animals are living creatures. Our government “should extend rights to a wide range of nonhuman animals”(Yong 5) because animals feel pain and specially when these animals go through many harsh situations. About 68% of the animals in the world are abused by their owners in an Active Cruelty position, which is generally starvation, dehydration, parasite infestation or Passive Cruelty position, which is abuse with malicious intent, where people who maliciously abuse animals have been linked to being a sociopath.
Over 25 millions of animals are abuse before getting slaughter and cooked. While all states have a cruelty law protecting compassion animals. There is still a large amount of illegal slaughtering. According to many online sources, there is a small protection towards our animals, however it is not enforced because all animals do not receive respect. Animal go through so many cruel acts. So why is this happening? This is happening because the government is not handling it properly. The government needs to take action and put a stop to it. Animals owners are not the only ones that break animal cruelty acts. It is all those stunning circus that like...

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