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Sb 1070; Is It The Right Law Or Not?

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Immigration is an issue that some sought to resolve in both violant and nonviolent manners. most of the time people think the government does not take the measures to tackle the problem at hand. “The responsibility that the state has toward the rights of its citizens. Illegal immigration directly violates some of these rights.” (The Police Should...) In order to enforce the law, police and other law enforcement groups must push to protect the right of the citizens. Also illegal immigrants take advantage of the system by being “granted privileges such as jobs, and moreover they are being given security, schooling, healthcare and other services financed by american tax dollars.” (The Police Should...) Not only that; over 7.7 million jobs were taken by illegals (suspected 15 million). Those are jobs that can be given to U.S. citizens who need the help. In addition to that police officials don’t know what kind of record any of the illegal immigrants have; and might never know until it is too late.
People argue that racial profiling poses a threat to citizens who belong to minorites; however, SB 1070 (Arizona Immigration Law) poses no threat. “We support their legal immigration since as we have shown they do pay taxes and fullfull obligations.” (The Police Should...) With that said citizens don’t have to worry about being accused of breaking any laws including immigration laws. In the situation where “a van s given a speeding ticket in a highway known for smuggling: the van has 10 individuals that don’t speak english. There is reasonable suspicion. If they are legal they will be allowed to go on; they must have doucuments anyway.” (The Police Shoud...) Basically the law states is that reasonable suspicion will get you you pull over, this measure is placed to ensure that all illegals can be caught and deported. The only way this poses a threat is if you refuse to hand over or argue you thta you don’t have to Give your documents to the officer.
The next question is why is racial profiling is used in identifying illegal immigrants. As a matter fact, it is the most effective way to identify illegal immigrants. In 1954 US INS began “Operation Wetback, which was intended for to remove one million illegal immigrants from the southwestern U.S. through use of racial profiling, ending up removing near the one million illegal immigrants targeted.” (The Police Should...) With that said , “giving this criteria of power to the cops would definitely raise the percentage of illegal immigrants caught in the country, just for giving them the right to act when they feel they need to.” (The Police Should...) by the way the fact of a bill like that passing will deter them enough to send them back to their home country. By the way U.S. tax dollars are used to pay for public servants like police officers and border patrol.
So like any other controversial act that has people for has people against it, or “against” immigration reform. As a matter of fact what is...

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