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Scaffold’s Guilt Essay

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Are you guilty? In The Scarlet Letter Hester the main character had an affair with a man named Dimmsdale. Before all of this she was living in a home with Roger Chillingworth, but got into trouble and had to stand on a scaffold before the town of Boston. This was the beginning of the Scaffold’s Guilt. The scaffold in The Scarlet Letter functions as a symbol of guilt and it reveals, the amount of guilt each characters poses.
The Scaffold is a guilty fellow. It feels the pain of all who stand atop of it. Even one who may not be, guilty senses the sorrows of others who have stood. Hester is the first case for this since she was the first to stand on top. Hester was a young beautiful girl only ...view middle of the document...

This man was the guiltiest. Unlike Hester, Dimmsdale did not fess up to his sin. He sat back on his podium and essentially entreated Hester to give him up, but she would not. This man fell hard into sin. His body began to deteriorate and each day he grew feebler. He picked up the habit of covering his heart constantly. So Chillingworth (the now town doctor) provided “help” to the sick Dimmsdale. But instead of helping, Chillingworth was on a mission to find the real father. And Dimmsdale was his first target. By slithering into Dimmsdale’s home, Chillingworth was able to find out all the little secrets about Dimmsdale, while he was none the wiser. Dimmsdale one night, feeling more guilt than ever, decided to go on top of that dreaded scaffold and see what Hester saw. Now this was at night time so none where there to see him in his shame, but a sportive voice came towards them. It was Hester and Pearl. But before they came along Dimmsdale was thinking about guilt. He thought to himself “Crime is for the iron-nerved, those who are not...

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