Scalable Video Transcoding As A Service [V Taa S] Using Cloud Hadoop

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Nowadays video is being produced and consumed in more component representation formats, more device types and over a variety of networks than ever. Transmission of video through network takes more time. So Video Transcoding is a very important factor when the video is moved between various heterogeneous clients in the cloud environment. Transcoding is a process of translating one coded form of video into another. However most of the time transcoding becomes computationally intensive and time consuming process. This proposed cloud system has four of the video compression standards such as Low Quality Encoding , Standard Quality Encoding , High Quality Encoding and High Definition. These standards achieve better compression performance with Quality. In general compression process takes more time. Map Reduce is used for managing a work in a considerable short period of time. This in turn helps in faster and efficient video transcoding. These Four standards are embedded into the Hadoop Distributed File System implementation and trial runs were done. Using the HDFS Map Reduce functionality, the video is splited using 64 MB blocks (Segments of Streams) and processed separately for maintaining efficiency in a time based aspect. This system helps in reducing the size of the video slice thereby providing opportunity for efficient transmission in quicker time. Quality and compression time has produced efficient results.
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Video Encoding, Hadoop, Map Reduce, FFMPEG
Video content is being produced, transported and consumed in more ways and devices than ever. Meanwhile a seamless interaction between video content producing, transporting and consuming devices is required. The difference in device, network and video representation types results in the necessary requirements for a unified mechanism for video content adoption. One such mechanism is called transcoding. Video transcoding is a process of converting one signal representation of a video into another. Currently transcoding is being utilized for the purposes of bit-rate reduction in order to meet network bandwidth availability, resolution reduction for display size adoption, temporal transcoding for frame rate reduction and error resilience transcoding for insuring high Quality of Service(QOS)[35][36].
Video Transcoder is a piece of software that decodes a given signal representation of a video and converts into another. The following figure shows the general task of the Video Transcoder.
Figure 1.Video Transcoder Model.
The above Figure illustrates the main idea behind transcoding and the common video transcoding operations. The task of a video transcoder could range from a simple task of converting the video format of the entire stream with a different codec (standard). The following four codes are considered for this proposed work.
• Low Quality – H263/MP3 (flv)
• Standard Quality – H264/AAC (mp4) 512 x 288
• High Quality – H264/AAC (mp4) 848 x 480

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