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Scale Rc Airplanes A Way To Relive Aviation History

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Scale RC airplanes are miniature models of real full-scale airplanes in almost every detail. They match everything from the markings on the fuselage right down to the design of the landing gear. These remote control planes recreate some of the best known legends from the history of aviation. Whether you are a fan of famous war-birds like the Curtiss P-40 or you like legendary civilian aircraft like the Cessna 182, scale RC airplanes offer you the opportunity to relive aviation history by flying a model replica of an actual legend.

Two companies that produce a wide variety of scale RC airplanes are the Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company and Arizona Model Aircrafters. Arizona Model Aircrafters produces a wide range of World War I models as kits and ready to fly aircraft. They specialize in producing planes that are known for their high quality detail from the cockpit to every aspect dealing with the landing gear and wing supports. Great Planes Model Manufacturing Company produces a wide range of military and civilian aircraft from the beginning of aviation history through the present day.

One of Arizona Model Aircrafters' most popular ready-to-fly models from the Allied side of World War I is the DeHavilland Tiger Moth. This ¼ scale aircraft features either a YS-91 2-stroke gas engine or an OS-120 4-stroke gas engine for its power plant. It measures a total length of 69.4 inches from the tip of the propeller to the tail and has a wingspan of 88 inches. This highly detailed aircraft comes with exquisite features like engraved instruments, pilots seats, historical documentation, and full-scale aircraft plans. Overall, this scale RC airplane is an excellent representation of the legendary Tiger Moth.

A fine example of the German World War I aircraft can be seen in Arizona Model Aircrafters' offering of the Fokker Combat D7 model. This 1/8 scale model has a wingspan of 43 inches and mounts a powerful OS-25 gas engine. With a four channel radio control system, this model is fabulous for a beginning pilot wanting to learn about the basics of how vintage...

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