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Scaling Study Essay

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Scaling StudyThe main question that leads the research conducted this week is how employees cope with stress in the workplace and how it influence their lifestyle and company they work for? Stress is an integral part of everybody's life; life in general that can be influenced based on the level of stress as well as life in the workplace. More and more we have tendency to spend extra long hours at work, and therefore begin to have less time for everything else. Stressed employees usually develop a feeling of disappointment and consequently produce less. Stress can become a negative influence on social and family relationships and cause mental exhaustion taking toll on individual's health. It is an important topic as individuals and organizations need to recognize stress as a problem.In preparation for this research I developed a questionnaire that addressed factors which are associated with stress in the workplace. The following questions were included in the questionnaire: Is stress present at your workplace? What is the cause of stress at your workplace? Is stress level related to gender? Is the company involved in teaching about stress management techniques? Who is responsible for implementation of stress management techniques? Through these questions and following answers from responders, I was hoping to determine if stress is recognized and poses a problem to employees. If stress is recognized in the workplace, management can appropriately act in the effort to reduce it. As a result of such intervention employees can benefit from it in a various ways. It can not only improve production in the organization, but also improve person's health and benefit social and family relationships.My research included a sample size of 10 people, arbitrarily selected from my closest friends and family. The aim of the study was to examine presence of stress in the workforce and its impact on individuals and organizations. Secondary information was utilized from various sources to investigate useful techniques of dealing with stress. The conclusions I derived from data I received are in general are applicable to any American employee who recognizes stress as a problem in his workplace. Even though this research was based on the small sample, I strongly believe that it reflects general population and it can be used as country wide baseline for recognition of stress problem.Survey used in this research was given to random individuals without selecting any specific social group, company or industry. Based on the assignment, the group of respondents was limited to 10 individuals. The questionnaire was focused on presence of stress factors within the workforce and effective steps to balance a healthy lifestyle. All of the surveys were given through email. The questionnaire attempted help to show to see if the sampled individuals recognize stress as a problem and what they think can be done to improve the situation. Once the questionnaire was delivered, participants...

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