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Scandal Paper

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In Major League Baseball’s 1919 World Series two teams that were the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds went up against each other. They played only a eight game series because the Cincinnati Reds already had won five games after the eighth game was over which didn’t require them to go to the ninth game. Many people found it hard to believe that the Reds actually one the World Series because the White Sox were favored to win. The bookies made the odds seven to five favored on the Chicago White Sox to win. Believe it or not the Chicago White Sox actually let the Cincinnati Reds win the series because they were payed a significant amount of money to throw the game. This famous Scandal was ...view middle of the document...

Abe Attell , a former featherweight boxer, supplied the money for the scandal. Arnold Gandil convinced many other players to take part in the scandal including two two starting pitchers Eddie Ciocette and Claude Williams, outfielder Oscar Felsch and shortstop Charles Risberg. In a 1956 Sports Illustrated interview Arnold Gandil admitted “I was a ringleader.” Gandil easily got players in on the fix because most of them were told they were going to receive a significant amount of money for participating. The total money that was to be received was $80,000 and would all be split according to how important their role was. However Joe Jackson took part of the scandal and had a very big part in it only received a quarter of the $20,000 he was promised.
Arnold Gandil constructed a meeting in his room in his hotel on September 21st to discuss how it would all unfold. Arnold Rothstein who was also a professional gambler was another brain behind the fix agreed to give $40,000 for Joseph Sullivan to give to the team then the other $40,000 to be given after the series was over and went according to plan. Sullivan took $30,000 out of the $40,000 and bet it on the reds instead of going according to plan and giving it to the players because he knew that eventually they would get their money. Attel was frustrated with this happening so he had another meeting with all the players he wasn’t giving any of the players cash advance because of this incident so he said that for every loss he would give $20,000. The players were obviously not happen with this but they wanted their money so they all agreed to throw the first two games of the series. Sources claimed that there were 5 or 6 syndicates, or leaders, and 20 or even more gamblers. The series then began in Cincinnati.
The media closely monitored the whole series because it was the biggest series of the year. After the series had ended the media had a great suspicious that they may have been a fix to make the Cincinnati Reds win the series. Comiskey , the president of the chicago white sox, was willing to pay $20,000 for any clues that lead to the proving that his players threw the game. “There is always some scandal of some kind following a big sporting event like the world series” said Comiskey. The media monitored Comiskey very closely to see if he got any word of his players cheating. Sure enough he did, he found out that Billy Maharg , a former boxer, and a friend of Bill Burns, an ex pitcher, told a newspaper in Philadelphia that a few White Sox players approached him before the world series happened informing him that it would be fixed for the reds to win and if he could spot the money for them. Comiskey wanted to speak with Maharg immediately with any evidence he had.
Comiskey said “Furthermore, I’ll see that every player implicated is fired from organized baseball forever.” The newspaper interviewed Comiskey and said that he was very frustrated with this because he thought he had the...

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