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Professor LehmanHumanities 110October 13, 2003Scarface (1983)The 1983, Brian De Palma, remake of Scarface has its very own unique visual style. He used multiple images and many other visual motifs to form patterns and give thematic meaning to the film.The use of multiple images, closely related to split screen cinematography, is characteristic of De Palma's films. In this film he used mirrors and television monitors to give more than one image within one screen. The way he used these multiple images is an example of a free motif. The use of mirrors was common in the booths at the Babylon Club. By using these mirrors it was possible to see multiple images while the camera was focused on one person. When two men attempt to murder Tony Montana, while he was sitting in the booth, the mirrors show the stage character performing in the background. The more common example of multiple images was that of the surveillance monitors as well as the television, in the same screen. One of the shots showed Tony in the bathtub smoking a cigar. He was watching the television and it showed the four other surveillance monitors. Another shot showed Tony sitting in his big chair, with a mountain of cocaine on his desk. Behind him it showed the six surveillance monitors with an army of guys running through one of the screens.A bound motif that was very evident throughout the film, was the connection between Tony and his sister Gina. The first time they are shown together, they give each other a hug that would not be common between brothers and sisters. They are holding each other very close, she put her hands on his head, then fixed his collar. He then gave her a...

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831 words - 3 pages the money, then you get the power, and then you get the women?, shows that Tony knew exactly what he wanted out of life and what he needed to do in order to achieve it. As a successful drug lord, he achieved everything he strived for through hard work and determination. He never took ?no? for an answer and was always in control.Throughout the duration of the movie, Tony?s entrepreneurial qualities are made apparent repeatedly; he was always

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666 words - 3 pages "What goes up must always come down. When it comes down in Scarface, the crash is as terrifying as it is vivid and arresting." Such are the feelings of New York Times' Vincent Camby that I also share about the classic film, which is not easily forgotten. Scarface, written and produced by Brian DePalma and Oliver Stone, has always been dubbed as being controversial and non-traditional, since its release in 1983. The film shows the American Dream

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2684 words - 11 pages than beneficial, the changes made to the film violated the 1st Amendment, misrepresenting the film itself away from the artistic credibility of the original script while also disabling the creative process of the producer, Howard Hughes. Although Scarface was a film that was ahead of its time in terms of vulgarity, pushing the boundaries of modern films during that time, the film itself in a realistic and logical sense was not dangerous. All

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1453 words - 6 pages income taxes. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1927 that bootleggers had to pay income taxes on their illegal money (Bergreen 224). According to Capone, "The income tax law is a lot of bunk. The government can't collect legal taxes from illegal money" (National 1).Al did not believe that the IRS would ever find out how much money he earned. Bergreen stated, "Capone had always been extremely careful about hiding his sources of income, a lesson he

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1746 words - 7 pages sensitive men lack (or more accurately, feel they must keep under wraps.) Tony’s energy is violent, sexual, intense; he’s all about conquest and triumph and most of all, proving himself. A guy who knows that in “this country, you gotta get the money first” That money is power and all flows from that. When Elvira laughs and mocks at his tiger-striped, tricked-out Cadillac (read; his interpretation of money versus what people who have money do

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700 words - 3 pages film were not exactly standard, either. But among the violence and drugs, lies a sad and involving story. Tony Montana wanted the world, and when he finally got what he wanted, he realized that even the world was not enough. Perhaps the best and most important scene in "Scarface" is the subtlest one when Tony is sitting at his desk after he killed Manny. He has everything he ever dreamed about and wanted in front of him- drugs, drinks, a luxurious

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800 words - 3 pages detail, the process of going from “rags-to-riches” since that is what he did in the feature. Lastly, Scarface is perhaps the best movie to ever be made because it basically contains all the characteristics that are that of a great movie.            First of all, Scarface is one of the greatest feature films ever because it illustrates the American dream perfectly, which is to be successful. This

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2373 words - 9 pages they cut his head open with a chainsaw of course. The act was based on the research that Stone had conducted into South Florida crime records. De Palmas' main intention in this action packed scene was to establish a level of violence like nobody had ever seen before. By doing so he was able to portray a whole different level of mob interaction. The camera focuses on Angel's fear in his facial expressions and then pans off the saw as it is about

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