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In Nathaniel Hawthorne's, The Scarlet Letter, life centers around a rigid Puritan society in which one is unable to indulge his or her innermost thoughts and secrets. Every human being needs the opportunity to express how he or she truly feels, otherwise the emotion builds up until they become volatile. Unfortunately, Puritan society allows no expression of this kind, so the characters have to seek alternate means in order to relieve their personal anguishes and desires. Luckily, at least for the four main characters, Hawthorne provides such a sanctuary in the form of the mysterious forest. Hawthorne uses the forest to provide a kind of 'shelter' for members of society in need of a refuge from daily Puritan life. In the deep, dark portions of the forest, many of the pivotal characters bring forth hidden thoughts and emotions. The forest track leads away from the settlement out into the wilderness where all signs of civilization vanish. This secluded trail is the escape route from strict mandates of law and religion to a refuge where men, as well as women, are able to open up and be themselves. It is here [the forest] that Dimmesdale openly acknowledges Hester and his love for her. It is also here, in the forest, that Hester does the same for Dimmesdale. The forest is where the two of them engage in conversation, without the constraints that Puritan society places on them. The forest is the very embodiment of freedom. Nobody watches in the woods to report misbehavior, thus it is here that people may do as they wish. To independent spirits, such as Hester Prynne's, the wilderness beckons her: "Throw off the shackles of law and religion. What good have they done you anyway? Look at you, a young and vibrant woman, grown old before your time. And no wonder, hemmed in, as you are, on every side by prohibitions. Why, you can hardly walk without tripping over one commandment or another. Come to me, and be masterless" (Hawthorne 186). Truly, Hester takes advantage of this, as soon as Arthur Dimmesdale appears. She openly talks with Dimmesdale about unmentionable subjects which seem inappropriate in any place other than the forest: "What we did...had a consecration of its own. We felt it so! We said to each other!" (Hawthorne 194). This exclamation shocks Dimmesdale. He tells Hester to stop and quiet down, but he eventually realizes that he is in an environment where he can express his emotions. The thought of Hester and Dimmesdale in an intimate conversation in the confines of the society in which they live is incomprehensible. Yet here, in the forest, they throw away all reluctance and act as themselves under the umbrella of security which exists there in the forest. In Puritan society, people stress self reliance, among many other things. However, the people more than stress self reliance- they assume it. The Puritan people assume that you need only yourself and God, and therefore have no need for emotional necessity, no need to...

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1014 words - 5 pages Scarlet Letter. New Delhi: Peacock Books. 2) Norton, M. B, Katzman, D. M, Escort, P. D, Chudacoff, H. P, Paterson, T. G, & Jr. Tuttle, W.M. (1986). A people and a nation. A history of the United States (2nd ed.) USA: Houghton Mifflin Company. 3) Terhart, F. & Schulze, J. (2008). World Religion, origins history practices beliefs worldview. United Kingdom: Parragon Books Ltd. 3) CliffsNotes on The Scarlet Letter. (2014). Retrieved on 26th May, 2014 from the-scarlet-letter

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1683 words - 7 pages . Nathaniel Hawthorne’s ancestors directly impacted him while writing The Scarlet Letter. Throughout Hawthorne’s younger life he made many changes that he saw fit himself. Hawthorne was born July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts. When Hawthorne was older he changed his last name from Hathorne to Hawthorne because he wanted to “distinguish himself from the history which included John Hathorne, a prominent judge in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692-3

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2919 words - 12 pages The Scarlet Letter.” New Essays on The Scarlet Letter. Ed. Michael J. Colacurcio. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985. 137-159. Print. Gross, Seymour L. “ ‘Solitude and Love, and Anguish’: The Tragic Design of The Scarlet Letter.” CLA Journal 3. (1960): 154-165). Print. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. New York: Penguin Classics, 2003. Print. Stromgberg, Maria. “Hawthorne’s Black Man: Image of Social Evil.” Explicator 67.4 (2009

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1106 words - 4 pages Scarlett Letter ? In the Scarlet Letter, the author uses many different types of symbols to show what he has experienced as a young man, and what he has to say about the society during his time. The different settings of the story are ways in which he describes his environment and how it has treated him as a child. One symbol he uses a lot was the scarlet letter. The scarlet letter takes on different meanings as the course of the story

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2406 words - 10 pages Literature Criticism. Ed. Jessica Bomarito and Russel Whitaker. Vol. 158. Detroit: Gale, 2006. Literature Resources from Gale. Web. 3 Feb. 2012. Gartner, Matthew. "The Scarlet Letter and the Book of Esther: Scriptural Letter and Narrative Life." Studies in American Fiction 23.2 (Autumn 1995): 131-151. Rpt. in Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism. Ed. Jessica Bomarito and Russel Whitaker. Vol. 158. Detroit: Gale, 2006. Literature Resources from

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1705 words - 7 pages " (Hawthorne 50). In his article Sin, Guilt, and Regeneration in The Scarlet Letter, Professor Sachin Londhe supports Hawthorne's position that "the Puritans attempt at suppression only leads to their own harsher judgment and pertinacity" (3). Hawthorne continues to feature the specious nature and impossible reality of Puritanism ideology through the actions and character of Arthur Dimmesdale, the town's minister. Hawthorne writes that "[The

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717 words - 3 pages This virtually flawless essay indicates the profound, abstract symbolism of the letter "A" other than Adultery. There are 3 different points that I argue, along with verbatim excerpts from the story supporting my interpretations. Excellent intro and outro!What does the Letter A Symbolize? In Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, the letter A serves as obviously a direct reference to the adulterous act that forms the overlay for the story

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5169 words - 21 pages unwelcome kiss was quite washed off..."(P194) At the end of the novel, when the minister climbs up the scaffold with the help of Hester and Pearl, confessing his sin to his followers, Pearl kisses his lips. She accepts her father finally. Pearl's role as the living scarlet letter is over, and Dimmesdale, who finally takes responsibility for his sin, has learned the moral, which she is meant to teach.3. The Symbolic Meanings of the Objects that are

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1061 words - 5 pages Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of famed novel, The Scarlet Letter, came from a long line of puritans. The family name of Hawthorne, was one of strict puritanistic ideals, which translated into topics covered in his literary works. When Hawthorne’s father died of yellow fever at sea when he was only four, his mother became overly protective and pushed him to isolation. All of Hawthorne’s fictional characters are believed to be figurative


8695 words - 35 pages ;…………………………………………... 24 3. The Ship …………………………………………………….. 27 B. The Significance of the Symbols ............................................. 30 1. The Scarlet Letter ………&hellip

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1288 words - 6 pages not!”(p. 78, paragraph 2) said one of the hypocritical old women. This was the judgment that poor Hester Prynne had to stand in front of… Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is one of the most well-recognized books of all time. It has become standard reading material in English classes across the country, and it is not hard to see why. Most of the book is composed of different symbols, or concrete objects that represent something more than

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1119 words - 5 pages Adultery is considered evil by Puritan belief (Korobkin 3). In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne’s Scarlet “A” goes against the Puritan community and culture with her conceal of sin, which has negative as well as positive results. Hester was a passionate, persistent woman who wanted to turn her sin into a positive act (Stewart 56). After Hester committed adultery, she was marked with the Scarlet “A”. The Scarlet “A” was

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1640 words - 7 pages years. Dimmesdale means black or dark. People never doubt Dimmesdale as he holds the highest position in the church. When the brother of Dimmesdale asks him to talk to Hester infront of the public he feels awkward to ask her the question. (In Chapter 3, In The Scarlet Letter) says “The trying nature of his position drove the blood from his cheek and made his lips trembling”. However he speaks to Hester and asks to tell the name of the other

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652 words - 3 pages suffering of sinners. It tells the story of how they cope with their wrongdoings and how society changes its attitude towards their sins throughout the book. Therefore, Coxe’s argument that The Scarlet Letter itself is delicately immoral and promotes social licentiousness is invalid. Works Cited Coxe, Arthur Reverend. "The Writings of Hawthorne" Church Review. January 1851. no.3. pp. 489-511. Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. New York: Dover Publications, 1994. Print.

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2319 words - 9 pages , so that she becomes a nurse. In fact, the best deeds of Hester’s life come about through her fall from grace. Her charity to the poor, her comfort to the broken-hearted, her unquestioned presence in times of trouble are the direct result of her search for repentance" ("Scarlet Letter" 3). The scarlet letter A also symbolizes angel, because the letter appeared in the sky after the Governor died. The Puritan community took this as a sign from