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In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Pearl serves as the "apple of Eden". She is plucked from the hands of God in heaven and sent to the mortal world as a baby "to make out its [the scarlet letter's] hidden import" (155), causing Prynne and Dimmesdale to face their consequences. Pearl functions in the story on three levels: as a real child, as a continuing symbol of Prynne and Dimmesdale's adultery, and as an allegorical figure sent to torment the sinners and direct their actions. Only Dimmesdale can "ripen" her into the woman she needs to become. Otherwise she will continually serve as a representation of their mistake.Pearl is the rose bush that is located outside of the prison door. Although, she brings happiness to Prynne, Pearl is covered with "thorns". When Mr. Wilson asks Pearl the question of who made her, Pearl responds "that she had not been made at all, but had been plucked by her mother off the bush of wild roses, that grew by the prison-door" (95). She is a good child, an "infant…worthy to have been brought forth in Eden; worthy to have been left there, to be the plaything of the angels" (75), but she is a "born outcast of the infantile world…an imp of evil, emblem and product of sin" (79). Her physical features did not show she is different: she has perfect arms and legs and has a native grace with innocent beauty. She is magnificent when she is displayed in her exquisite robes as her natural beauty shown through such that there was a circle of radiance around her. However, emotionally something is wrong with Pearl. If other children gather around her, she would feel the dislike from the other children, and would snatch up stones to throw at them, while screaming. In the "garden" of the Puritan society, Pearl is the rose bush, while "the ugliest weeds of the garden were their [Puritans'] children, whom Pearl smote down and uprooted, most unmercifully" (80). Prynne, the adulterous mother, feels the guilt of bringing Pearl into the world and is reluctant to discipline the child, because Pearl is Prynne's "sole treasure, whom she had bought so dear, and who was all her world" (78).Pearl also represents the living embodiment of the scarlet letter embroidered on Prynne's clothing. She "was the scarlet letter in another form; the scarlet letter endowed with life!" (86). "All this enmity and passion had Pearl inherited, by inalienable right, out of Prynne's heart" (80). Prynne transmitted the rays of life through her impassioned state to Pearl, "and, however white and clear originally, they [rays of life] had taken the deep stains of crimson and gold, the fiery lustre, the black shadow, and the untempered light" (77). She is beautiful, just as the embroidered letter is, yet she brings her mother much pain. Prynne is the "woman of the scarlet letter" and Pearl is the "likeness of the scarlet letter running along by her side" (87) and within Pearl's personality are the mixed emotions that are contained within...

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1061 words - 5 pages Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of famed novel, The Scarlet Letter, came from a long line of puritans. The family name of Hawthorne, was one of strict puritanistic ideals, which translated into topics covered in his literary works. When Hawthorne’s father died of yellow fever at sea when he was only four, his mother became overly protective and pushed him to isolation. All of Hawthorne’s fictional characters are believed to be figurative



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852 words - 3 pages . The Scarlet Letter. New York: St. Martins, 1991. Loring, G. B. (1850). “The Scarlet Letter and Transcendentalism.” Massachusetts Quarterly Review [On-line], pp. 1-6. Available: Scharnhorst, Gary. The Critical Response to Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. New York: Greenwood, 1992. Author unknown. “Hawthorne, Nathaniel.” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99 [On-line], pp. 1-4.    

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2208 words - 9 pages Hester"”the Heroine The heroine in the Scarlet Letter is Hester Prynne. Even though Hester sins against God, she is a woman who survives the horrendous trials of a "Puritan" society"”the society that wants to be a Utopia among imperfect people. From her horrendous trials, Hester gains strength, courage, and her lost love. The story begins when Hester appears from the darkness of a rusted jail cell into the stale


832 words - 3 pages SYMBOL1.Scarlet Letter "A"A = Adultery (sin)The meaning changes through the times. Adultery---Able~ Able to face the society with dignity~ Able to accept her punishment alone without any support and friends~ Able to be a mother for Pearl2.Rosebush (Chapter 1: The Prison Door, p. 40-41)Hester = rebel, young soul, conservative, endured.3.Prison Door (Chapter 1: The Prison Door, p. 40-41)Puritan Community = strict, old generation, conventional.4

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2109 words - 8 pages Stewart, Nathaniel Hawthorne A Biography. Yale University Press, 1984.[4] John C. Gerber Form and content in The Scarlet Letter [M].[5] Dai Zhen" A Comment on Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, Journal of Sichuan University. "[6] Hong Yi"Preface to the Translation of The Scarlet Letter, Shanghai Translation Publishing House. "[7] Zhu Hong, "A Brief History of American History", Beijing People's Press.[8]. Person, Norman Holmes, "Hawthorne, Nathaniel

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1802 words - 7 pages Franklin Pierce (Diorio). Hawthorne spent much time writing The Scarlet Letter partly based on what he observed from his job at the Boston Custom’s House (Morey). Once Hawthorne married Sophia Peabody, they moved to Concord, Maine where Hawthorne befriended the Transcendentalists, writers including Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Amos Bronson Alcott (Morey). He had three children with Sophia: Una, Julian and Rose. The President of

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847 words - 3 pages . Beijing: Foreign language teaching and research press, 1 January 2006."Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter.".Works in ChineseChen Suying (). "Qian tan Hongzi zhong de xiangzheng shoufa" (, "Research on the Application of Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter"). . 4. 1997.Nathaniel Hawthorne (•), , . , 2006.