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Scarlet Letter, Character Analysis On Hester Pryne

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Rejection to AcceptanceIn the Scarlet Letter the author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, reveals the heroine, Hester Pryne, as a beautiful, courageous, and strong woman. Hester was despised by many people but soon earned the respect of the town.Hester was tall and elegant. She had a rich complexion and deep black eyes. She was from Europe and was married to Roger Chillingworth, an old and scholarly man. Soon after her marriage she immigrated alone to Boston, Massachusetts to start a new life. She began her new journey of life in Boston as a seamstress. ...view middle of the document...

In the story Hester Pryne changes several different times. Throughout the novel Hester's view changed from ashamed and despised to confident and respected. She lived her life to the fullest and did not let peoples opinions get in her way. Instead of letting her mistakes take control of her life she used them to better herself.The townspeople of Boston soon began to realize thatHester Pryne was really a softhearted loving woman. It took a while for the people to accept Hester and her sin, but they realized that God always forgives. That's when the people started respecting her. People began asking her for advice and really getting to know her. Hester served as an example of how one can completely change their life around for the good. She showed them that just because a person makes a mistake that should not decide whether or not there a terrible person. She also showed the townsmen that judging others because of there past is wrong. Hester shows the importance of others for who they are at the present time.Hester lived an important life. She raised a daughter and became an important seamstress. Even though she never repented for her sin she still served the city of Boston as a great example.

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