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Scary Dystopian Novels To Read In The Night

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Although in our contemporary Western society we are not blindly obedient supporters of our government or artificially produced humans of five different castes, there are similarities in the lives and culture of both 1984 and Brave New World that are becoming ever more prevalent in our society. With our military's constant war path with no prospect of stopping, our government's ever expanding control on matters of security and privacy, and the public's rapidly increasing search for relief and pseudo-happiness in the form of both illegal, but even more shocking, prescribed psychotropic drugs, demonstrate parallelisms between these nightmarish societies and that of our own that cannot be ignored.
To learn the truth behind America's military history, one must leave behind the typical history book and look for a much more focused piece of literature, or (for the sake of time) venture on the internet through government or other trustworthy websites. What will be discovered is that our military has been 'active' almost continuously since its inception, but shift the focus from the past to current times. After the nine/eleven attacks, the world was about to experience a new era of conquest and destructive change; The United States of America declared war on a political term, terrorism. George W. Bush said “Our war on terror begins,” in his address to congress after the attacks and with that the Global War on Terrorism commenced. Under the pretense of the war on terror, American military forces have become involved in eight different armed conflicts on two continents, all while in the time span of a little over twelve years. With over a quarter million dead, that is not the only nightmarish reality; with America in a war with terrorism, a term or an idea, will the war ever end? In past wars, the enemy was well known, for example the axis powers in world war two, and were targeted until they were defeated, but in this 'war' we fight an enemy that is subject to change by our definition of a terrorist or their intent. Our leaders decide the 'terrorists' and we are already at war with them on the basis of principle; our leaders have the power to pick and choose our enemies, thus extending our war. Hatred for Americans is on the rise due not only because of our lifestyles, but our military campaigns. This combination can lead to a state of continuous war. In 1984, the super powers of the world were infamous for being in a continuous state of war. The parallelism here is that the two governments reaped similar benefits of a war: the financial reward through production and conquest, also a war mentality instilled on the public; there is a love for victory, a fear of losing, and a hate for our enemy.
After the nine/eleven attacks came a wave of controversial acts that extend the boundary of power to the government in the name of national security. The Patriot act, the Homeland Security act, the Protect America act, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of...

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