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1. What minimum level of education is required to obtain your CHRL designation?
To obtain CHRL designation the minimum level of education is coursework requirement. To earn this designation, candidates must have an adequate foundation of HR discipline-specific information (Human Resources Professionals Association, 2018).
2. Which courses require successful completion in to obtain your CHRL designation?
Candidates must pass nine subjects in a coursework to successfully complete courses required to obtain CHRL designation. These subjects are Human Resources Management, Organizational Behaviour, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Planning, Occupational Health and Safety, Training and Development, Labour Relations, Recruitment and Selection, and Compensation (Human Resources Professionals Association, 2018).
3. Name 5 Chapters in the HRPA.
1. Algoma
2. Barrie
3. Brockville
4. Chatham-Kent
5. Cornwall & District (Human Resources Professionals Association, 2018)
4. What are the different categories of membership in HRPA?
1. General
2. Student
3. Practitioner
4. Allied Professional
5. Labour Mobility of CHRP, CHRP Candidate and SHRP (Human Resources Professionals Association, 2018)
5. What is the CKE1 & CKE2? Explain the difference between the two.
CKE1 & CKE2 are computer- based Employment Law exams, which are required to attain CHRP or CHRL designation. These are the Comprehensive Knowledge Exams. The CKE1 is needed for the CHRP designation and is only valid for CHRP, whereas, the CKE2 is needed for the CHRL designation and...

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