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Scene 5 Is One Of The Longest Scenes In The Play As Well As One Of The Most Important. Why Is This? What Is Its Significance? Christopher Marlowe's "Dr Faustus"

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Scene five is an important scene because it is the first time that we meet Lucifer, Mephastophilis' master, the hoarder of the damned souls. Faustus is selling his soul to be more powerful as God, yet he refers to God many times, such as when he speaks of being stronger than God in powers, but having people respect him like he is God. But in selling his soul to Lucifer, he gains no powers that could even match God, because Lucifer was once an angel of God, who showed traits that Faustus shows in the play. Neither Lucifer nor Mephastophilis has the powers to match God, so Faustus is selling his soul to a lost cause, since Lucifer deals with illusion, making Faustus believe he is powerful like when they summon him a woman, who is merely an illusion and not real, like the powers of ...view middle of the document...

This does not seem to happen anywhere else in the play, so there has to be some significance to why it happens before Lucifer and Faustus first meet.In Scene 5, Lucifer introduces Faustus to the physical forms of the Seven Deadly Sins, each of the sins relate, in one way or another, to Faustus' current personality, it shows how his soul is damned to hell because he acts as the Seven Deadly Sins are. These sins show aspects of the people in hell, suggesting that Faustus will indeed end up in hell along with the rest of the sinners.In this scene, Faustus finishes the act of selling his soul to Lucifer, his blood congeals and he is unable to write with it, which gives Faustus doubts about selling his soul, during this scene, Faustus is warned by his conscious, the Good and Evil angel, along with a demon from hell, all of which fail to change his mind about selling his soul.Faustus requests magic books and spells from Lucifer, showing Faustus' Quest for knowledge and power, also it shows Faustus' determination to become powerful, since he requests his powers from Lucifer himself, and not working through Mephastophilis or anyone else to gain his access to magic.Throughout the scene, the Good and Evil angel appear three times, this is showing us how they are trying to persuade Faustus against selling his soul, yet due to his arrogance he ignores them and continues with selling his soul, the Evil angel was the last to speak both times, showing that Faustus is listening to the words of the Evil angel more than he is of the Good angel. Although the Good angel starts the conversations between Faustus and the conscious, the words of God are crushed when the Evil angel plays of Faustus' desires of Power and Knowledge about all things.

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