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Identity In The Film Thuderheart Essay

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” A quote from William Shakespeare discusses the trait of identity. Identity applies to the film as it is a part of different characters and groups throughout the film. A majority of Americans have always been stereotyping Native Americans and the film Thunderheart, stereotyping takes place towards Native Americans. The film was released in 1992 and is about an American FBI agent with an Indian background, Ray Levoi. He goes to a reservation with his partner, Frank Coutelle, to investigate a murder. At first, Ray disregards the Natives but by the end of the film, he embraces his heritage and considers himself a Native American rather than an uptight, FBI agent. In the scene at Red Deer Table, the FBI’s and Ray’s true identities are revealed as the Natives are taken advantage of.
In this scene, Ray and Crow Horse go to a place on the reservation during the night and discover pools of liquid after Ray nearly fell into one. Ray questions what it is and then Crow Horse throws a rock that he picked up into one of the pools and concludes that it test drilling for uranium. Crow Horse then sticks a knife into a hole and discovers sealant and then comments about how the Natives have been voting against the mining on the reservation. Crow Horse mentions that Jack Milton has tried to own the lands and keeps getting kickbacks from the leases. The mining is the reason for why the water has been contaminated. They both conclude that the murder was set up and pinned on Jimmy just so the mining could be done. Crow Horse tells Ray that “his people”, referring to the Americans, did this. Ray replies saying “they’re not my people”, and this means that he considers the Native Americans. In the beginning of the movie, Ray said that the Native Americans were not his people just because he has an Indian background. Later in the scene, Ray finds a dead body that turns out to be Maggie. She was murdered for taking part in investigating the poisonous water scandal.
The director of the film writes from the contexts that the Native Americans are looked upon by the FBI. Also, it is implied that the Natives are taken advantage of because the FBI has taken part in a scandal in order to drill for uranium. The director backs his thoughts up by revealing what the FBI did in order to get on the reservation and allow them to drill even though they do not own the land. The director creates the scene so that Crow Horse assumes Ray is part of the scandal because the FBI and Americans are “his people”. Just because Ray has been an American all of his life, it does not necessarily mean that he agrees with the rest of the American’s views. His identity is not being more of a Native American by the actions he takes. In this case, he disagrees with what the FBI is doing by drilling for uranium. The Americans think that the Native Americans are close to worthless, and have become a group that takes up...

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