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EXAMPLES OF ORIGINAL MAIN MOTIONS FOR THEFFA PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE CAREER DEVELOPMENT EVENTCompiled ByShane Dunbar Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Accredited ParliamentarianE-Mail: dunbar@northwest.netTHE PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS CENTER(Teaching Materials ∙ Consulting ∙ Workshops and Seminars)Web catalog: original main motions listed below do not answer all of the questions of who, what, how, where and when. An amendment or another original main motion could be used to include the missing questions. Underlined items can be substituted by words that are in parentheses at the end of each statement to create additional original main motions.I move that our chapter prepare a (an) farm safety booth at the next state fair. (or wildlife preservation and awareness, FFA activities, plant diseases, native plant identification, native poisonous plant identification).I move that our chapter rent a booth at the next state fair and sell plants grown in our greenhouse.I move that our chapter start an Alumni group affiliated with the State and National Alumni Associations.I move that our shop class build a trophy case for the Agriculture Room.I move that our chapter create a monthly newsletter to inform alumni of chapter events. (or, the community, our school personnel, FFA member parents.)I move that our chapter grow hanging baskets in our greenhouse for our Mothers' Day plant sale.I move that our chapter sponsor an FFA Agricultural Science Fair.I move that our chapter create a Public Relations Committee.I move that our chapter include a Parliamentarian as part of the officer team. (or Historian, Chaplain, Corresponding Secretary, Librarian, Sergeant-at-arms).I move that our chapter award a plaque for one outstanding first year FFA member. (or second, third, fourth).I move that FFA Chapter officer candidates must submit a resume' and an application form.I move that our FFA Reporter develop a web site featuring our chapter activities.I move that our reporter add a biography of each of our officers to our chapter web site. (or a biography of our Advisor, a listing of chapter activities, photographs of our top shop projects, photographs of our CDE teams).I move the chapter purchase a digital camera for the use of our Reporter.I move that our chapter take a field trip to our state capitol when the Legislature is in session.I move that our chapter host a petting zoo at the next county fair. (or, our Ag shop).I move that our chapter attend the Farm Machinery Show.I move that our chapter donate $1000 to our school for a new electronic sign board.I move that our chapter purchase a milk vending machine. (or, pop, bottled water, fruit juice, beef jerky, apple).I move that our chapter pay for FFA jackets for our officers.I move that our chapter present the honorary Chapter Farmer Degree to the High School Principal. (or, School Distrrict Superintendent, school board members).I move that our...

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Fixed Ratio Schedule Training with Lab Rats

2507 words - 10 pages Abstract The purpose of this paper is to explore the examined effects of the subjects' behavior change as a function of a schedule. Rat participants were placed in an operant chamber for sessions of habituation, magazine training, and shaping on a fixed ratio schedule of reinforcement. These rats did not have any previous exposure to the operant conditioning chamber, or any training. These rats were to press a lever for reinforcement on a fixed

Why Marijuana Should be Schedule I drugs?

917 words - 4 pages Any type of drug should be classified as a schedule I drugs or as another scheduled substance. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 was signed by Richard Nixon and it defines schedule I drugs to have a high potential for abuse. There is no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the U.S. for marijuana. There is a lack of accepted safety for the use of the drug under medical supervision. Marijuana should be classified as a schedule I

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1003 words - 4 pages Year Round School: An Annual MistakeThroughout time education has been considered a process that every so often must be improved. The education quality in the U.S. has declined over the years and people have been looking for a way to make improvements. A more recent proposal has been to go from a traditional nine month schedule to an all year program. Supporters of year round school claim it gives the student a better education. However, the

The Ethical Use of the Life Attitude Schedule

1928 words - 8 pages One of the leading causes of deaths in adolescents and young adults is suicide. The leading cause of death is accidents. Many that do not commit suicde have had at least thoughts about it. The Life Attitude Schedule was developed to assess the activities of adolescents and young adults. The tool divides both positive and negative factors in one’s life. The clinical studies identified students that were in the study that were at least

Should the United States’ School Schedule Be Extended?

795 words - 4 pages The Board of Education wants to add hours to the school schedule. The problem proposed is American student’ test scores are falling behind counties in Europe and Asia. To see how more time in school will affect students and test scores, schools in Iowa, North Carolina, and California have increased the time some students spend in class. Some parents and faculty members think extending the school year into the summer could help American students

Evaluating and Criticizing the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS)

1553 words - 7 pages scales have been developed, however, these scales were unable to develop items for PA and NA that were statistically independent of each other. In an attempt to operationalize the orthogonal dimensions of positive and negative affect, Watson, Clark & and Tellegen (1988) developed The Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (i.e. PANAS). In the following review, I will evaluate and critique the PANAS, as a measure of trait affect, focusing on the

College Students Should Have the Right to Choose Their Own Class Schedule

840 words - 3 pages Students have different preferences or requirements in planning their time to make their purposes. This is one of my points to support that students should have the right to right to choose their own class schedule. Some people will prefer to attend class or study during the morning while there are some people like to attend evening or night classes. While they were studying in primary and secondary school, they didn’t have any choices or minor

How to become a better musician by creating a balanced practice schedule

1002 words - 4 pages How to become a better musician bycreating a balanced practice scheduleThere are many elements that make great musicians stand apart from the others. What and how much they accomplish during their practice time is the key to their success. Having a plan and a schedule will allow you to see and meet your goals much sooner with less practice time. It is not always about how much time you put in, but about what you make of the time you have. Here

Removing Tomorrow From The Schedule and The Seven Deadly Sins (2 poems)

563 words - 2 pages Removing Tomorrow From The ScheduleReminiscing upon a fast-paced dream from long agoescaping the nightmare of tomorrowin yesterday's fantasy; either direction- no reality(i fear moving on; the unknown that liesahead, and no path set before me to followanother's journey through the night with nolight from the cloud-covered moon)true beauty indistinguishable among the screamsbut each artistic description, washed awayas the storm sweeps through

Schedules of Reinforcement

1121 words - 4 pages The schedule of reinforcement has many variables, as well as many ways behavior is reinforced. In order to completely create reinforcement schedule the person must understand the behavior that they wish to change. In my case, the behavior that I wish to change is eating habits. In this paper, I will explore the different schedules of reinforcement and how each would work towards changing my behavior, as well as cause weight loss. My eating

Business Case Analysis

2394 words - 10 pages Franklin Electronics can share best practices across the organization. Case questions Cost variance is calculated by subtracting budgeted cost for work performed from actual cost for work performed and schedule variance is calculated by subtracting budgeted cost for work scheduled from budgeted cost for work performed. The vice president’s analysis that the project’s costs are overrun is correct and it appears they are also behind schedule. I

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1553 words - 6 pages activities.?nbsp; Data required for measurement of loadThe production department will then obtain from the planning department a route and schedule of manufacture for each product. An example is showed as follows:Job numberProductQuantityDue weekOperation Department Number of standard operator hours SettingTime Number of OperatorOutstanding work should also be considered so as to avoid obtaining the route and schedule of manufacture with

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870 words - 3 pages The current schedule of seven classes a day is flawed. We need a change, to more efficiently teach and organize our school. There will be more time spent in class with a block schedule because it decreases the number of passing periods. This change will be easier on teachers as well as students to learn/teach. More one on one time can be spent with the teacher and student. There will be less disciplinary problems because there is less time where

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1083 words - 4 pages procedures are then used to govern the execution planning. The focus of this research will be on the execution planning and more precisely Construction Planning Optimization Problem. Hypothesis The aim of this research to answer the following questions How do construction planners schedule projects? What is the extent of involving Optimization techniques in the scheduling process? How the construction professionals map various scheduling tools to