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Timeline Of American Literature And Events

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King James I granted the Virginia Company of London a charter to create an English settlement in North America in June 1606. Their goals were to find gold and determine a waterway which would take them to the Orient. The Virginia Company set foot on Jamestown on May 14, 1607 to form the Virginia English Colony. Approximately one third of the colonists survived the winter of the “Starving Time” in 1609, and fifteen years later in 1624, Virginia became a crown colony when the king dismissed the Virginia Company Charter due to the Algonquians attack which killed over 300 settlers. Jamestown only survived because of a last minute warning but burned down in 1698. Many colonists that survived celebrated May Day on May 1, 1628 with Thomas Morton dancing around a maypole, but the Plymouth Pilgrims were against this display of celebration, and Captain Miles Standish sent Thomas Morton back to England. Intolerance continued when Anne Hutchinson was forced to leave Boston because of her religious beliefs and influence to help establish Rhode Island in 1638. Five years later, Native Americans murdered Anne and her family. Quakers were the next to be forced to leave during the time between 1655 and 1656. Those that refused to leave suffered by being whipped or imprisoned, and the legislature ruled against Quaker services two years later. Parliament ordered the suspension of Quaker corporal punishment in 1661 after three years of Quakers being hanged for refusing to leave Massachusetts. English law in the colonies also severely affected slaves. Those who converted to Christianity and became legal residents of Maryland were granted freedom—until 1664. It was then that Maryland passed a law dictating servitude of life for black slaves, and a year later New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia joined Maryland in passing servitude laws going against English law. During a less religious time came the beginning of the Great Awakening, a religious revival movement, in 1734.

In the ten years following 1820, Monroe was re-elected president, slavery was not permitted north of the southern border of Missouri with congress dictating foreign slave trades as an “act of piracy,” the true story of the whaling ship Essex influenced the writing of Moby Dick, and the Republic of Liberia established a West African refuge for American slaves who have been set free. Despite efforts to help freed American slaves find refuge, African Americans were killed for uniting to lead a slave uprising in 1822. Later in 1825, Fanny Wright gave more efforts to abolish slavery and established the Nashoba in Tennessee where slaves could earn their freedom. Slavery was adamantly denounced by Abraham Lincoln who was elected president February 27, 1860; it was at this time he aggressively accused slavery stating the Federal government had “The power of restraining the extension of the constitution” (Campbell, 2007, para. 1). It was only one year later...

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