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Alisha SendraDexter BrockENC 1101-55700July 31, 2014Children with SchedulesIn everyday life, children should have scheduled activities rather than left more time to play freely. Kids that have a schedule are less likely to get involved in the streets, drugs and alcohol. Schedules teach kids structure as well as responsibilities. On the other hand, at times, kids without scheduled activities have more room for creativity, learn lessons from mistakes and work in groups. Scheduling activities may also be bad if the parent over schedules. Some activities may be costly. Some children may find it difficult to juggle homework, family time as well as to may activities, which may lead to rebellion.Statistics state that, sixty percent of teens have reported seeing drugs used, sold and stored in high schools. Teens that start to drink at the age of fifteen are five times more likely to develop dependency for alcohol then teens that start to drink at twenty one. As well, 1.8 million children twelve and older use cocaine. This may shock or terrify parents. Studies show that children are less likely to get involved in street activities if the child is involved in scheduled activities. Children that are in sports, may not be interested in robbing people or smoking marijuana, due to the fact that the child really does not have time. Some sports have practice every day, leaving little time between school and home life to run around in the streets. The idea of using scheduled activities to deter kids from the streets makes pretty good sense. Once a child finds an enjoyable activity, chances are that will take the attention from bad influences such as gangs. Some kids feel UN wanted and turn to the gang to feel loved. Kids in activities such as cheerleading may look toward the team for love.A schedule for a child may consist of many things to keep the child's mind occupied. Some parents may believe that a schedule is beneficial for the child's success and intelligence. Children that do not have a schedule can be just as smart. Children naturally create activities when given free time to play. Without the schedule, children can let the mind wonder wildly. Kids may have a chance to use creativity, as well as imagination to explore the world. Some may invent little forts out of simple materials such as, rocks, dirt, and sticks. Others may be able to learn from mistakes made. When a child is given free time to play, this helps to learn how to come up with games for a group to play, rules, as well as how to be on teams. The children with the schedule may not have as much freedom to explore on an individual level. The child with the scheduled activity more than likely has the parent dictating how each hour of the day is spent.Young girls and boys that have scheduled activities learn early in life about structure. Starting children at a young age of having a routine everyday will help later on to be better planners. A...

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