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Schema Of A Hospital Essay

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Patients sitting in bed, doctors making their rounds, nurses running from place to place, family coming to see their beloved family members, and the lowly diet aide bringing around some lunch; all of these things can be witnessed at the hospital at which I work. All of these things pile together into the schema of what most people come to call a hospital; working there the typical schema of a hospital has become a whole lot more complex. To start, “A schema is a cognitive framework or concept that helps organize and interpret information.” (Cherry)
To be able to give my perception of the current schema of the hospital, I should share how I came to the conclusions I have today. My first experience in a hospital would be when I was in 4th grade; I was putting up a poster at church, fell, and cracked my head open. My first perception of the nurses at the ER was how calm they were. They never really seemed shocked that there was a kid in front of them with blood running down his face. I think I found that comforting so I never felt uneasy when going back to the hospital. I guess you could say this was a people schema that was in my favor for coming events. My next few experiences at the hospital went about the same; came in looking bloody and covered in dirt, the nurses calmed me down while my mom tried not to pass out, then the doctor looked me over, stitched me up, and sent me home. So my schema before I started working at the hospital encompassed just that; people just always running from room to room helping out the people in need.
That’s actually almost exactly the schema I have now, only with a little more insight into how it all works. I learned what happens behind those curious doors that say “Authorized personnel only”, and it is a thousand times more intricate. My first few days at the hospital were... different to say the least. As with any new job there comes a list of preset stereotypes. To name a few that I thought as a fresh high school graduate were that the nurses were all women, the doctors were middle-aged men, and the patients were to be elderly given our specialized hospital. The first stereotype I encountered was when there were multiple male nurses. Today I was even talking with one of Augie’s own male nursing students; now this wasn’t too surprising because I figured that there was a male nurse on Scrubs before. The next stereotype I had was about the middle-aged male doctors; other than one or two in our hospital this one held true until I came to Augustana. Here at Augie I got the mental smack in the face that there are more ways to be a doctor than just medically; somehow that’d never crossed my mind before. Now I’m not naive enough to say that women aren’t medical doctors, only that in my hospital there is an overwhelming amount of men. When the last stereotype of our patients all being elderly was thwarted it caused a bit of reflection on my own self-concept. I first walked into the room expecting to...

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