Scheme $6000: A Benefit To Both The Government And The People Of Hong Kong Or Not?

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The budget plan has announced the “Scheme $6,000” this year. It is a scheme that people who have Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card aged 18 or above can get $6000 from government. People who choose to defer receipt $6000 can have $200 bonus. It seems that it is a good policy for people: low-income group can have this subsidy to solve their financial problem; the others can save it, or use it to buy their favourite items. But when we think it seriously, is it really a helpful subsidy for low income group? Does the government only consume this bulk of $6000 and $200 bonus? Is it an efficient and fast process to give $6000 to people’s hand? Up to now, the “Scheme $6,000” has used almost 8 months to plan and work the delivery process. Compare to the delivering money process of Macau in recent years; it is a non-efficient and time-consuming way to plan and deliver. In this essay, we would focus on 4 aspects: time used, cost consumed, human resources and the long-term benefit. To find that is “Scheme $6,000” really benefit both government and Hong Kong people or not.

In the time aspect, “Scheme $6000” wasted a huge amount of time cost as deliver to Hong Kongers. Time is a limited resource to everyone. Life is short. The use of our treasure time is an important issue in our life. Covey (n.d.), a management expert, states four generations is about time management. The fourth generation is about being efficient. It can be paraphrased as "Less is more," which emphasizes the importance of squeezing every minute of your time, as suggested in traditional time management schemes. From the policy address announced to all Hong Kongers receive their $6000, it will take about 22 months. The time cost is extremely high compare to city next to Hong Kong- Macau, but Macau only takes around 2 months to distribute money to all residents. Although the population between Hong Kong and Macau have a large difference, Hong Kong Government have plenty of things can be learnt from Macau. The handling of Hong Kong Government has a big room for improvement. Eligible persons in Hong Kong need to fill in the registration form to register in twenty one retail banks or HongKong Post and wait around ten to twelve weeks to collect the payment. Compare to the "Wealth Partaking Scheme" in Macau in 2010, there is strong different in distribution format between two places. Macau Government gave crossed cheques for the "2010 Wealth Partaking Scheme" by mail in ten weeks in seniority order. The cheques are mailed to the address which is modified, or the cheques are collected at the Identification Services Bureau by behalf or authorized person. The time management of Hong Kong Government is poor; they cannot organise Scheme $6000 well in distributing. Distribution of Scheme $6000 is more complex than Macau. A complicated registration makes the time management of the scheme become not efficient. Hong Kong Government has a huge database of all Hong Kong residents’ information. It wastes...

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