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Schizophrenia: A Mind Suffeering Essay

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Schizophrenia: A Mind Suffering
Today, scientists at the University of Iowa are studying abroad how people suffering from the mental disorder, schizophrenia, may have less brain tissue than those who do not have the disorder. Schizophrenia deeply affects the brain and causes individuals to lose touch with reality and have unorganized thoughts, troubled perceptions and unsuitable emotions and actions. “Schizo” means split and “phrenia” means mind, however this does not mean that this is a split mind or personality disorder, like most people commonly mistake this as. In order to understand this disorder, we need to take a look at the actual condition and how it is defined, apart from other disorders, speculated causes, such as genes from parents, treatments with psychotic medications, and case studies taken by doctors that show us some detachment from the real world. About 1 in 100 people will actually have the disorder. Taking a further look into the world of schizophrenia, it is definitely easier to understand why the disorder has such effects on a human in their life.
An expert definition of schizophrenia is, “the name given to a group of psychotic disorders illustrated by significant disturbances in thought, emotion and behavior.” It is an example of psychosis, a disorder that involves senselessness, inaccurate awareness and being absent from actuality. The definition in the text book states, “The mind has suffered a split from reality that may show itself in disorganized thinking, disturbed perceptions and actions.” Two different complexes of schizophrenia are positive, hallucinations and delusions, and the other is negative, anhedonia and avolition. When the symptoms are developing, it is usually slowly over months or years. Anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts can occur during the developmental stage, as well as trouble concentrating, sleeping, or feeling tense or irritable. As it continues, thoughts become harder to focus on, emotions and behavior become bizarre, they isolate themselves, hallucinate and are delirious. The hallucinations can be auditory, and they can be hearing voices talk, laugh, give commands, argue or repeat thoughts over and over. They can be sensory, as if they think they are burning, tingling or stinging, when in reality they are not. They can feel robotic and apart from their own body or visually see something that is not there. The delusions are when they are holding strong beliefs that are not real, and they also have “loose associations” which they jump from topic to topic. Anhedonia is when a person no longer enjoys or takes pleasure in activities that usually have fun doing. Avolition is the lack of motivation to accomplish goals. A person must be suffering from these disturbances for an extended period of time to be diagnosed as a schizophrenic, because there are other psychotic disorders that have like symptoms. There are different ages people can actually develop this suffering. There is the adolescent...

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