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Schizophrenia Information Essay

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Gathering correct Schizophrenia Information is the first step along the road to recovery. Yes – it is possible to recover from Schizophrenia when it is properly diagnosed and treated. Many people diagnosed with Schizophrenia have re-learned necessary life skills and are able to function independently.

Unfortunately, some people have been diagnosed incorrectly. In times past, Schizophrenia was referred to as "bread madness", which indicated a connection to gluten sensitivity. Even today, many people with Celiac disease have been wrongly diagnosed with Schizophrenia.

The symptoms of this chronic brain disorder can be mimicked by: hypoglycemia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, substance ...view middle of the document...

It might be helpful to get a pillbox with sections labeled Sunday – Saturday. Skipping or quitting medication can cause a relapse. Even when the person is in remission they must take maintenance medicines.
• Be a listening ear when needed.
• Ask your family member what they need during crisis situations. Be mindful, when a person is having an episode of acute psychosis it's impossible to reason with them. Make a plan before you need one.
• Stress exacerbates symptoms of Schizophrenia. The person in recovery needs structure and encouragement.
• Foster independence. It may be easier to do everything for your family member but letting him/her assume responsibility for ADLs such as meals and personal hygiene will raise their self-confidence.
• Keep telephone numbers of emergency contacts accessible.

Schizophrenia Information about Natural Therapies

Before starting any natural therapies, the individual should discuss them with their doctor. Here are several suggestions to consider:

• Ginseng – a good all-purpose herbal tonic that helps protect the body...

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