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Schizophrenia. What Is Schizophrenia? What Are The Causes? What Is It's History? What Are The Symptoms? How Is It Treated? What Are The Different Forms Of The Disorder?

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Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects the brain. There are two ways in whichschizophrenics are viewed. Some view people with this disorder as blessed because they see visions and communicate with voices, as if they were getting messages from higher beings. Psychics often say that the way they predict the future is through hearing voices, messages from dead spirits, or by seeing objects around the person whose fortune they are telling. Could Psychics really be schizophrenics? Or could schizophrenics really be psychic? This disorder is believed to have been around for a while. In the past, people with these visions were thought of as messengers of the gods. They were believed to have magical powers and were thought of as medicine men who could heal.Later on when Christianity became the main religion, people with this mental disorder were believed to be witches and were burned at the stake. They were thought to be possessed by the devil. They were locked up or cast out to live on the street. If they committed a crime, they were imprisoned and often kept in chains, unlike nowadays, where if they commit a crime and are found it to be a result of a mental disorder, instead of being locked up, they are given treatments and sent to get help. Just like the Christians from back then thought of these people as crazy, most people today think of schizophrenics as insane, and that they deserve to be locked up from the outside world. Most people don't understand this disorder and so they treat people with this disorder as if they weren't human.There seems to be a link between artistic creativity and mental illness. Many artists, musicians, and writers have had mental illnesses. Some example of these are, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allan Poe, and Vaslav Nijinsky.One in every 100 people gets schizophrenia at least one time in their lifetime. This disorder usually comes about between the teen years and early twenties. So far, no real cause has been found for this sickness and no permanent cure has been found. There are treatments though that can help schizophrenics to live a normal life.Schizophrenia is a non-contagious disease where the person cannot tell reality apart from imagination. He may hear voices or sounds, smell and see things that aren't really there. They believe that these hallucinations are real. Some of them believe they have special powers like that they are able to read people's minds, or they believe that others are plotting against them. They often remove themselves from society as a result of this. They are loners and usually don't have very many friends. Schizophrenia starts out gradually and most schizophrenics were odd, or different, and rebellious as a teenager. Many are also very smart but have no interest in showing off their gifts and talents. Their talents are wasted as a result of their condition. Many end up without a job and without a home. Attempting suicide is common among schizophrenics, and sadly, many succeed.Many...

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