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Schizophrenia What Is It? Essay

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“It sounded normal. It sounded like somebody was in the next room talking to me, and somehow they installed microphones in my ears or something like that” (Films). This is just one account of someone with schizophrenia, a common mental illness. Schizophrenia affects a wide range of people and with serious symptoms and limited treatment it’s an illness worthy of our education.
Being aware of how the disease is contracted is important to understanding Schizophrenia. In an online article Nancy Piowtrowski stated “schizophrenia is a genetic disease that affects 1% of the population… 5-10% of those people end up killing themselves after the hardships of the disease” (Magill’s). With the ...view middle of the document...

These symptoms can be very severe. Luckily, there are some treatments available.
Although there is no cure for schizophrenia there are medications that can help manage some of the symptoms. Antipsychotics can help keep some symptoms to a minimum by balancing the chemicals in the brain. Films on Demand states: “scientists have found that drugs can decrease dopamine levels and thereby reduce some of the more extreme symptoms” (Films). By decreasing dopamine levels people will be able to experience a more normal brain function. Therapy is also an important option for those that need more relief than just medication. The National Institute of Mental Health also says, “People in self-help groups know that others are facing the same problems they face and no longer feel isolated by their illness” (National). Along with self-help groups, a therapist is a good person to express one’s difficulties to and to help with things such as depression. Everyone is different so it can take months for each individual to find the right...

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