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Zuleika DixonThere are many reasons where I can say I find motivation to aspire to earn my degree. I enrolled at Cerritos College in spring of last year. I have found that since then I have been a lot happier and excited about life. What motivates me to be in school is knowing that it will allow me to have more life and career choices where I will be able to give what I have to offer and help others. Studying and education has now become to define me and it has become a passion to always be continuously learning. Coming from a family of only three high school diplomas and one of them being mine has made me begin to carve footprints for my siblings to follow in which I feel very proud of.I don't know my father or his family but my mom and all my others aunts and uncles went as far the sixth grade as of education. When I was little my mom instilled in me that I could be anything I want and school is the place that will guide me to be just that. That message continues to be motivation for me every time I feel like taking a semester off or taking less classes. I feel extremely grateful to have established a strong support group of certain family members and close friends. I try to associate and keep around people just as positive and motivated about success in their education as I am. People that have done great things through being persistent in going through the processes of obtaining higher degrees inspire me.Completing a minimum four year education will set me with a fair chance to be a lot more successful than let's say others who chose not to. Five years from now I see picture myself living in one of the communities near Cal State Long Beach, the school where I would have transferred to. I will be majoring in sociology and interning for the department of children services where I will most likely be employed at. That has been my long since decided school of choice and going there is what keeps me focused while at Cerritos. Sociology helps us to better understand ourselves and other peoples, cultures, and environments. Once we better understand ourselves we can learn from each other to create better opportunities for ourselves. This is when we can begin to help others. Every goal requires steps and in each transition I have to keep my eyes on the outcome but I will also enjoy the journey. Throughout the coursework I've...

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1146 words - 5 pages Scholarship Social Service As I have matured as a student and a scholar it has become more clear to me that in today's society with all it's talk of multi-culturalism and melting pot rhetoric it is blatantly clear that much of the discourse regarding the social world is rooted in Euro-centric research and ideology. As such, I content that it is the role of the African American sociologist to shift the center of analysis from a European focus

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681 words - 3 pages TOTAL should grant me a scholarship because I am willing to climb the extra hike. Not because I literally do like hiking, but figuratively, I persevere to achieve my goal thus no extras I wouldn't do. Nowadays, my peers are reluctant to have anything to do with Indonesian government, let alone working as government officials. But the question is, "if it's not us, Indonesian youths, then who will mend Indonesia?" If there is a broken sewer, there

Scholarship essay

1107 words - 5 pages I am very proud of myself for going back to school and finishing my degree, however that excitement comes with many bouts of worry. What began as pure excitement has led to many days and nights of worry. I have asked myself these questions several times. What were you thinking, where you going through a mid life crisis? I had a good life. Well it was a comfortable life anyway. It included a job I had been at for seventeen and half

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756 words - 4 pages Looking back on the majority of my time spent in high school, courageous is not a word I would have used to describe myself. I considered myself to be a nobody, nothing but weak and insecure. In fact, it was not until I was nearing the end of my senior year of high school that I realized just how wrong I was and how strong and courageous I actually was and am to this day. When I was younger, my family tended to move around quite a lot because of

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1460 words - 6 pages which that is closely related to education is scholarship. “Scholarship,” according to, “is a sum of money or other aid granted to a student, because of merit, need, etc., to pursue his or her study.” To understand what a scholarship is, there are some general information that needs to be known such as the purpose, and the benefits of scholarship. When talking about scholarship, we have to know the purpose of giving an aid to a

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1915 words - 8 pages For the past ten years, Georgia has sent over 700,000 high school students to its colleges free of tuition payments. Over 100,000 students have received an annual grant of $3,000 to attend a private school in Georgia. That is over $2.11 billion spent for Georgia high school students to attend college. This has all been done through Governor Zell Miller's HOPE scholarship program. Governor Miller started the program in 1993 with the lottery

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1107 words - 4 pages This is a subject that has hit quite close to home for me. Recently, my parents underwent a financial hardship and subsequently lost their house this past year. They tried all available avenues to them to renegotiate the note, but they kept finding themselves in a Catch 22. Ultimately, after 2 years of trying to refinance, sell and proceed with so-called “work out plans” I helped them negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure just before a sell

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789 words - 3 pages Age of ScholarshipTraditional history speaks of the Zhou conquering the Shang and proclaiming a mandate of heaven. The Zhou justified their conquest by citing the moral depravity and excesses of the last Shang King. They set up a network of kin relationship (zongfai) in various regions, which formed the basis of a new unified state.During the Period of the Warring States, in the late centuries of the Zhou dynasty. Three school came upon Chinese

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755 words - 4 pages Seeing a child who can't run and play, my heart is filled with compassion. Knowing that I can make a difference for that child, my heart is filled with faith. Seeing the child's smile of success, my heart is filled with love. I have been blessed to be able to attend thirteen years of Catholic school as well as becoming a Balavisx assistant instructor. These experiences have carved me into the person I have become. Balavisx stands for balance

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830 words - 4 pages I am ... born in West Kazakhstan, in country which has experienced different periods of time in its way of transition to become a developed country, that was difficult and unpleasant sometimes and as a distinct with significant changes at the same time, and it still is going through a bit of bad and good. My growing up period has clashed with the collapse of Soviet Union and there were limited recourses and lack of educational foundation during

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716 words - 3 pages Volunteering is truly an amazing experience that I recommend each individual to do in their life during their spare time because it could benefit you with developing new skills and help others in their life. So far in my high school career, I have volunteered for many different organizations and some of those organizations helped other people. I have enjoyed volunteering very much and the ones that have changed my life and helped me become the

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1234 words - 5 pages knowledge gaps, these authors focused exclusively on what Boyer (1990) termed scholarship of discovery—new research that advances to our knowledge. Systematic reviews are another essential type of knowledge development also referred to by Boyer as scholarship of integration—collating and coordinating knowledge across disciplines. So far this scholarship of integration on CSPs has omitted scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) — research

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860 words - 4 pages encourage me to take my education as far as possible. This scholarship would assist my family and I tremendously as my siblings and I further our education. As next year approaches, I worry that the financial load will only get heavier as my brother and I start college. I believe that with this scholarship I will have the ability to study freely without financial restraints holding me back. With the support of my family and hopefully the Rouse Program

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