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Scholarship Paper

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I'm usually not one for gambling, but I bet you ten dollars that you're reading this from your Smartphone or tablet right now. Why would I think that? Because technology is growing rapidly. Technology has been on the fast track, fueling numerous varieties of growth, such as: the social web, mobile technology, hands-free, and more. In my personal opinion, the invention of Facebook revolutionized technology. If you watch the movie, The Social Network, you'll see how Mark Zuckerburg created and revolutionized not just social media, but communication throughout the world. Friends, family, coworkers, significant others, and more, can connect with one another. Companies, big and small, can ...view middle of the document...

Technology is described as machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge. With that being said, let's start out with people that have little to no technology access. If people have little access to technology, then it is obviously more difficult, but not impossible to communicate. There are electronic billboards, radio, and television commercials. All of these may be the stereotypical 'marketing' techniques to stay in touch with customers, but it still works to reach to the ones that you may be missing. Also, every one of these options will reach people that you are trying to communicate with that are able to access more forms of technology. They may be costly and harder to bring in people quickly, but it works. If these technological advertisements did not work, people wouldn't have started doing them in the beginning of customer outreach.

Now we move to people who have access to more technology such as: computers, Smartphone's, and tablets. You have more, cost efficient options to choose from. The different kinds of technology that you can use are: email, tweeting, video conferencing, blogs, social networking, texting and instant messaging. There are a good variety of personal and professional communication for customers, but all work effectively. You also have more direct options like texting, which will reach customers almost instantly. That is one of the most popular forms of communications for not just business, but for pleasure as well. A lot of businesses have already hopped on board with mass texts to customers that have allowed them to be reached. Messages that are sent vary, from coupon codes, to sales, or 'VIP' customers. Those alone bring someone in to the business, because it directly communicates with them. Even if the customer decides to not purchase because of the text, it will make them think and most likely, later on they will visit or shop from the business. I strongly think that texting a customer, given that they allow their number to be contacted, is the best tactic...

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