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Military Spending in America Imagine this. The year is 2008 and the United States of America is suddenly attacked by Iraqi's land, sea, and air forces. But, the U.S. has the best army in the world right? Wrong. The U.S. has thousands of soldiers on welfare and are unable to fight but people still want to cut their budget. The military holds the fate of our country in their hands and if we don't give them money to run it, it will be a gigantic loss for the United States.There is no doubt that there is controversy about military spending. There are soldiers on welfare that are starving, homeless, and have no jobs other than the military. A reason military funding is needed is that at least 10 other countries in the world such as France, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Israel, Iraq, Britain, and India have nuclear power. ( Observation ) To add to that five out of the ten countries aren't that fond of the United States, because of all of the wars we have waged with them. Consequently now that there are nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons the United States is high at risk. The United States spends lots of money on the Star Wars missile defense system. The system when finished will be able to shoot down any chemical, biological, or nuclear weapon shot at us using space technology like satellites and lasers (The War Divided) . (Example) The U.S. needs to protect themselves and their allies from a possible attack or war and for that they need the people of America to pay the way. But according to some people the U.S. has already paid the way a few times.Instead of war why don't we help the environment? The government spends too much on the military already. Each yeah the military spends 75 billion dollars on projects that are either shut down or stopped (Landay 62). (Fact) Those 75 billion dollars could go to something better such as global issues such as hunger and poverty. Some say that national defense is not needed and...

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school Essay

751 words - 4 pages about him behind his back, they even make the claim that he is a terrible parent who let's his kids run wild. People think Atticus is ruining the Finch family name, but he is most definitely is shaping his family name and making his family known for being leaders, not followers. Scout is so strongly affected in school by the choices of his father. Scout and Cecil Jacobs were exchanging some harsh words, then Cecil said something that scout took

School Unfiorm Essay

992 words - 4 pages A school uniform is a certain outfit that is worn by all students every day in a particular school. A dress code is a published list of clothes that are permitted to be worn in school. A school uniform eliminates all the other possibilities of wearing inappropriate clothing. A school uniform clearly states what to be worn and no other articles of clothing are to be worn. Brooklyn College Academy is a high school that has a school uniform

School Uniforms

1259 words - 6 pages Every year there is a large debate about school uniforms and whether they should be required in our public schools, or not. Some parents and school staff think that uniform policies should be enforced, as they feel it provides a sense of safety, structure, a lack of ridicule and modesty to our children. On the other hand, there are parents that argue that it takes away a child’s freedom of expression, independence, free spirit and individuality

School Uniforms

1003 words - 5 pages By wearing school uniforms, students can improve the learning environment. Uniforms increase the students’ belongings and school prides. School uniforms reduce undesirable behavior because they put students in the right frame of mind to learn (Portner). Uniforms can be a useful tool in improving children’s learning skills and attitudes toward school. It increases the student achievement and level of preparedness. School requires children to put

Magnent School

648 words - 3 pages students usually pick the school that is best suitable for their child, usually one that revolves around their child’s talents or interests. There are more than 3,000 magnet schools in the nation and about 20% of U.S. students attend them. Many criticize magnet school claiming that they lure the best students and teachers away from city school and that they might even worsen stratification among schools by family income. In my opinion, I do agree

School Uniform

721 words - 3 pages Every year parents, students and teachers argue about the issue of applying school uniform, and if it is going to be put into effect or not. Each year, school dress code is being pushed away. Year after year, to help stop violent behavior and encourage order in schools, dress codes are applied. Does the fact of students having to wear a certain dress code reduce the violent behavior and encourage order in schools? (“The Controversial School

School Foodservices

1046 words - 5 pages Introduction There are three important meals that people should eat on a daily bases: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children spend the majority of their time at school; therefore, most school age children will eat their breakfast and lunch at school. However, school breakfast and lunch programs were not always available to every student. According to Gordon Gunderson (1971), US Department of Agriculture (USDA) established the National School

School Psychology

1329 words - 5 pages One of the most promising and commonly misconceived branches of psychology is School Psychology. Its potential lies in the fact that "...School psychologists are 'humanists first' and therefore are especially interested in primary prevention, not only in schools, but in the community at large" (Phillips, 1990, p.47). The definition of school psychology and what it encompasses has been highly debated for several decades.As the term school

School Sports?

659 words - 3 pages Last year 55.5 percent of high schoolers across The United States of America participated in high school sports. This is over half of our high school students. School sports are a part of American culture. High school sports often do cost a large chunk of money, moreover, there are many financial aid options to help accommodate the less economically privileged. High school sports are important because they minimize the obese population, provide

School Violence

880 words - 4 pages On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold opened fire on Columbine Highschool killing twelve fellow classmates and one teacher. School violence changes our youths morals. From bullying to peer pressure, youth are exposed to school violence everyday. What is school violence? School violence varies from accounts of “death, homicide, suicide, weapon related violence, in the US.” (c1) School violence can occur to and from school, while

School Analysis

707 words - 3 pages What is a school? “A school is a place where instruction is given, to individuals under college age or of college age (21 +).” (School, 2014). Who are teachers, teachers are leaders of their own individual classroom whom attain knowledge from an institute to teach. Who are students, students are individuals who attend a school to obtain knowledge of the world surrounding them. So what is a School Improvement Plan? A School Improvement Plan is a

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School Essay

709 words - 3 pages I think that school uniforms are the best thing for students who don’t to have nice things. I think it keeps crime rates down from kids fighting over the things their parents have worked for school uniforms help prevent gangs from forming on campus. Students should work on themselves. It shouldn’t take nice clothes or “cool” clothes to have friends or for people not to like you it’s really irrelevant because you didn’t come to school to be “FLY

School Essay

1681 words - 7 pages Most people can agree that the school dress code is frequently violated. During a typical school day, anyone can see girls wearing short shorts or a short skirts. Even during winter, I see girls wearing a low cut shirt that exposes more skin than is necessary. But girls are not the only miscreants, guys are as guilty of dress code violations as girls are. Everyday I see guys sagging their pants so low the world can see their undergarments. I see

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662 words - 3 pages Growing up, I've always had the ideal goal of going to college after high school. I was raised to pursue college after high school as my parents, older cousins, and many of my other relatives went and got their associates or bachelor degree. Despite the fact I was raised to believe that college was the correct pathway after high school, I believe that college is one of the essentials I had needed in order to pursue the career I want to do in the

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1162 words - 5 pages , inadequate teachers, and flawed educational strategies. Americans must improve school funding and increase teacher pay to ensure all students receive quality primary and secondary education as well as reduce remediation and drop out rates through improved learning standards, effective assessment tools, and early-college initiatives that prepare students for college and the workforce. One major affliction of the American public education system is