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School Analysis

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What is a school? “A school is a place where instruction is given, to individuals under college age or of college age (21 +).” (School, 2014). Who are teachers, teachers are leaders of their own individual classroom whom attain knowledge from an institute to teach. Who are students, students are individuals who attend a school to obtain knowledge of the world surrounding them. So what is a School Improvement Plan? A School Improvement Plan is a plan for schools to ensure that their students are achieving, whether that being supplementary activities, additional minority in upper level courses, or even accessing more parental involvement to overall provide for better schooling.
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Chapel Hill High has did just that, create a Student Improvement Team made of those said people to formulate a plan to increase student improvement (Chapel Hill Student Improvement Plan. November 2013- December 2015. pg.3), which is required by North Carolina law (NC General Statutes. § 115C-105.27). However with this the Student Improvement team has to follow policies that are already set according to board officials (School Based Management. 2009) such things like how long a school day is or the number of minutes per class (Foundations of Education. Ch 1. pg. 23)
Teacher empowerment activities gives teachers the power to make decisions and policies for their schools and more autonomy in their classrooms (Foundations of Education. Ch1. pg.22). In the Student Improvement Plan they make mention of Professional Learning Communities, whom are groups of teachers and others to improve the instruction for their students to meet the learning outcomes they hope to achieve (Foundations of Education. Ch1.Pg.22). Chapel Hill High School is implementing the use of these PLC’s to organize and report a calendar for school meetings including these Professional Learning Communities as well as use Web 2.0...

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